Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for a Space With Multiple Doorways

I've set up my home-office in the front dining room of my house. I have a few feng shui adjustments, but I'm unsure whether I need to use them and, if so, where to place them, as I have two doorways. Can you advise?

Nathan R., Queens, NY

Hi Nathan!

Thanks for sending your floor plan and for reading the blog! 

You may know that in feng shui, using your dining room table as a desk is not ideal. If you work from home, it's best to purchase a desk and create a separate space for your work, so that you can focus on work while you're there and give yourself space from work when you're off. 

That said, if the dining space is all you have, there are certainly adjustments that can help make this area work for you

Your question is regarding two doors in the dining room area. Two doors are okay, however when you sit at your "desk," you are in line with the doorway to the hallway. This is problematic because the qi from that door comes directly towards you. The relationship of where you sit to the kitchen doorway is fine.

Some options for being in the line of qi based on the hall doorway:

  • You can hang a feng shui crystal ball halfway between the doorway and where you sit. You can find these in the Holistic Spaces store. This will disperse the qi coming at you from the doorway. If there's already a crystal chandelier above the dining room table, this can be used as a substitution.
  • Another option is to move the dining table towards the window wall (left side of drawing) so you're not directly in line with the door. This way, you remain in commanding position in relationship to both doors. 

Whatever adjustments you choose to make for your dining / office space, keep in mind that it's important to separate your work from your personal life. When you're finished working each day, take time to straighten your desk and say goodnight to your work. If you can, drape a scarf or piece of fabric over your workspace when you are not working. Out of sight, out of mind! This way you'll feel comfortable and relaxed at night, and wake to a desk that's in order and ready for work! 

by Anjie Cho

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