Feng Shui Your Wallet!

I truly believe that how you treat your money reflects on how it will treat you. Keep reading for ways to feng shui your wallet and your money mindset. Remember, your wealth comes in many forms.

Your Wallet

Take a good look at your wallet. Go ahead, grab it. Is it frayed, unsightly, falling apart and on its last legs? If you said yes to any of these, it is time to treat yourself to a brand new wallet! I give you permission to splurge on that nice wallet you’ve wanted. If you have a nice one, you’re good. Just keep it in good condition and when it starts to fall into disrepair be sure to replace it.

Organize Your Bills

Take care and be mindful of your cash in your wallet. I don’t want to see you shoving your dollars and wadding them up into your wallet. :) Be gentle, and thoughtfully unfold your bills, smoothing out folds and creases. Then put them in order, facing the same direction. Finally, place the largest bills in front so you see that hundred-dollar bill first!


Be sure to de-clutter your wallet regularly. A good rule of thumb is at least every 27 days. This means to clean out old receipts or cards as required. Keep the wallet clean and trim!


If you have enough room in your wallet, it is beneficial to carry a piece of citrine with you to attract wealth and abundance. Citrine is self-cleansing so you don’t need to regularly clear that gemstone. It also helps to clear the items and currency you keep in your wallet.

Recently I was interviewed by Amanda Gates for her “Design 101- Designing your best life” Podcast. We had a really great time talking and connecting. She was telling me about her recent blog post “11 stupidly easy techniques to feng shui your wallet." That inspired me to share my tips to feng shui your wallet as well. Be sure to check out her tips as well! And look out for our interview, coming up in a couple of months.

by Anjie Cho