Q&A Sunday: Placing a Vision Board in the Bedroom

image credit:  Marissa Bracke

image credit: Marissa Bracke

Thanks so much for taking a look at my space. This is my bedroom. My boyfriend and I share it. He's Kua 3, I'm Kua 1, so I know we are supposed to have the crown of our heads facing EAST when we sleep. Currently the best wall to have the bed on is SOUTHEAST. I'm an entrepreneur; Will and I own a video production company together, and it's doing well but I'm still looking to enhance success in work. When sitting in bed I face NORTHWEST and I have a little vision board on that wall. Wondering if that's where I should have it and what I can put in my 'bad directions'?

Alli Saunders, New York, NY

Hi Alli

You’re very welcome, thank you for submitting your question and floor plan. 

First of all, I practice BTB feng shui. There are countless schools of feng shui, all are valid and work, however in BTB we don’t use Kua numbers to determine the direction our crowns face while sleeping. This is often why there is a lot of confusion and even some conflicts when consulting with different schools of feng shui. Ideally it’s best to find a consultant that you really resonate with and go with their recommendations.

Interestingly enough, the school that directed you in this way seems to coincidentally work out with how we place beds in BTB feng shui. One of the main philosophies in BTB is called the commanding position. Using this concept, we aim to place our beds, as well as other important pieces of furniture and appliances like a desk or stove, facing the door, but not directly in line with it. This comes from an ancient style of building homes so that you can see what is coming towards you at all times. It actually helps to reduce your stress level as well, even if you didn't know it was affecting it! The location of your bed is ideal in the BTB school! Yay!

Since we don’t use Kua numbers, I cannot advise to any “bad directions”. But if we look at this from a BTB perspective, let’s look at what would be a great place for your vision board. I actually have a podcast about vision boards and feng shui placement. Be sure to check it out. 

I know that you are an entrepreneur and you live here with your boyfriend. I overlaid the feng shui bagua map (BTB style) over your floor plan. I think the Path in Life (career) area of your bedroom is a great place for your vision board to enhance your career and the steps you will take to move forward in life. Perhaps your boyfriend can do the same. Looking at the photo, I would suggest that as long as it’s not too distracting for your sleep, maybe you get an even bigger board and share one board with both your visions. That little board looks so small on the wall. And your dreams need more space!

A final note, I also noticed that you’re not able to open the door a full 90 degrees because of all the things hanging behind it. I recommend you move all of that off the back of the door so it can open all the way. The door here represents how opportunities come to you. And you’ve only allowed in a portion of what’s out there! Open it up so you can have all the wonderful possibilities for clients, ideas, passion, and people to come into your life!

by Anjie Cho

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