Q&A Sunday: Rose Quartz for Love

"Hi Anjie, when you suggest adding a pair of rose quartz crystals to your bedroom to promote trust and harmony with your future or current relationship, does it have to be a pair or will one do the trick?"

- Jill H., Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for your question, Jill! 

As a rule of thumb, my teachers answer most things with “it depends!” This is true for this question.

In general, I recommend a pair of rose quartz for love and harmony, to attract a partner or to support an existing relationship. But it really does depend. Without tailoring the question specifically for one person, it’s difficult to address most issues in a general blog post. However, most of the time the general answer is OK.

Generally, a pair would be most helpful for a current or future relationship. But, there are times when one would also be appropriate. For instance, someone who’s always in a relationship and never single may benefit from one, rather than a pair, since he or she may be co-dependent and have a hard time being alone. Another situation where a single stone may be more appropriate is when someone is experiencing a separation and needs to do some soul searching to see if they’re better alone or back with their partner.

Also, if one is all you have, there may be a reason for that. But if you are perhaps too lazy to get another piece, that says something too! I think your question is a great one because it’s not an easy one to answer and requires you to really examine your situation.

The fact that you're seeking to add rose quartz to your space at all is a very promising sign, whether for your love life or your relationship with yourself. Before you pick up a pair, spend a little time thinking about exactly why you're looking to make this adjustment in your space. Once you've got the intention pinned down, any addition you make will be that much more powerful. 

by Anjie Cho

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