My Favorite Things: 5 Summer Feng Shui Items

Welcome to My Favorite Things! Each month, we highlight products to help you create a holistic lifestyle that inspires and nurtures you, so that you can be happier and feel supported.

This month, we're welcoming the summer solstice and brighter, warmer days! These 5 feng shui and holistic themed products can help you say "Hello" to summer in style. Be sure to listen to our upcoming podcast as well for more tips and insight into feng shui and the summer solstice!

Arcade Bolle Vases

Summer brings a heavy dose of the fire element to our lives, so it's helpful to cool off a bit. These cool-colored vases are the perfect touch. 

In addition to bringing cooling colors into your space, these stylish vases also hold water, which cools fire in five element theory, and flowers. What better way to welcome summer than with beautiful nature in your space?

Available at: abc carpet & home

Nautical Pillows

I love these stylish nautical pillows from West Elm. They're such an easy way to welcome summer!

You can bring the water element into your space, thus cooling summer's fire, without actually adding water. These pillows add water themes and colors and can easily be changed up when fall arrives!

Available at: West Elm

Lotus Wei Mini Mist Collection

I'm loving Lotus Wei mists and flower elixirs lately. This set of mini mists is the perfect way to give them a try and stay cool during the summer!

This set comes with a small bottle of all six flower essence mists, and they're all fantastic additions to a summer day. My favorite is Quiet Mind. It really helps to cool things down! 

Available at: Lotus Wei

Solar Shades

The Shade Store is my go-to place when clients need window treatments. They have curated textiles so you don't get overwhelmed by all the choices!

These solar shades are ideal for keeping cool during summer months, but you can still welcome the sunlight in too! 

Lower the shade without losing your view - it's possible with this designer favorite. Choose from a variety of transparencies offering UV protection, fade prevention, and glare reduction.

Available at: The Shade Store

Lavender Toning Mist

As you can see, I'm a fan of summer mists :) This is another favorite!

Om Aroma is a client of mine, and their lavender mist is one of my must-haves for summer months. I carry it with me all the time. It's refreshing, alcohol-free and made of flower essence and essential oils!

Available at: Om Aroma