Q&A Sunday: Bells, Chimes and Abundance

Hi Anjie! I love your five elements series. In the post My Favorite Things: 5 Ways to Bring Metal into Your Home, you mention that you have a bell on your desk to promote abundance. Is this always the case with bells and chimes? If I'm looking to promote prosperity and wealth, is adding a bell to my abundance area a good adjustment?

Cole P., Akron, OH

Hi Cole!

I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the podcasts and blog posts! I'd be happy to elaborate on using bells as feng shui adjustments. 

Bells and chimes are not necessarily related to abundance. Bells and chimes are metal element, but there is not a direct connection to abundance. I suggested bells and chimes for adding metal element, because they are that...the metal element!

However, the sound that bells and chimes make create vibrations that move out into the universe. Just like the butterfly theory. The butterfly effect reasons that small changes can result in big differences. In the same way, when you ring a bell or chime, it creates a sound and vibration to extend out into the world and let the universe know that you may want to attract more clients or wealth into your life. You can doubly reinforce that by doing this in the abundance area of the bagua map.

But you could also do this in, for instance, the benefactors area to attract more helpful people into your life and home. which actually in turn creates more abundance, though not necessarily monetary. :)  Or you could ring a bell or chime in the relationship area to attract a partner.

Overall, ringing a bell or chime does send out a message to the universe that you are opening your space to something new, but just adding these to your space, and not ringing them with intention, is not enough to attract prosperity and abundance. 

If you're looking to increase your wealth, prosperity and abundance, take a look at some of the other posts on the blog for suggestions like adding citrine, activating the self-knowledge area of your space, adding plants and more. There are many ways to welcome abundance through feng shui!

by Anjie Cho

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