I had just purchased an apartment and needed to renovate the bathroom. I am blind and have balance issues and needed to convert the bath-tub into a walk-in shower that would be safe for me to use. Anjie was an important part of this process. It was all about the texture. It was important to me to be able to touch all the fixtures and surfaces that would be part of my dream bathroom. And Anjie showed me so many options!

With her knowledge and expertise she delivered. Her attention to detail was shocking, Who ever thought to measure my reach to determine shower and towel placements. I wouldn’t have such a beautiful shower if it wasn’t for you, thanks Anjie
— D. Katz, New York, New York

I was very skeptical about how Feng Shui would work within the confines of my small apartment, not an uncommon concern for a New York CIty resident. Following a period of stagnation in my career and creativity I decided to give it a try. Anjie Cho is a wise, deliberate, and intentional Feng Shui practitioner.

During our consultation she suggested several subtle, inexpensive tweaks and gently guided me though the changes. As a result of our work together I have gained a deep sense of peace, order, and creative inspiration. I have always loved the look of my space but now, thanks to Anjie, I also love the feel and energy it brings to my creative endeavors.
— M. René,, Jewelry Designer, Astoria, New York

I was struggling for nearly a year trying to get my business off the ground as well as making my life a happy and healthy one. Within a week of my consultation with Ms. Cho, my business gained 3 new clients, and I was able to sleep through the night again.

I’ve continued to practice the Feng Shui enhancements Ms. Cho gives me and every day is a surprise, whether it be regarding new prospect for my business, or achieving a new creative project, or being - asked out on a date.

I have Ms. Cho to thank greatly for the positive changes that she’s introduced to me through her consultations. My life has be so enriched as a result of her help.
— M.B., Writer, Los Angeles, California

My Feng Shui consultation with Anjie changed my life. I was feeling stuck in my home environment and after spending just a little over an hour talking with Anjie, reflecting on the way I live in my home and analyzing my space, I felt like a weight was lifted and grounds for a new positive place for my life took shape.

I was very inspired by the way she spoke of my living space as a way to protect and nourish me. She was very patient and thorough in explaining Feng Shui and how the changes we were going to make could effect my life. Since the consultation, Anjie has been available by phone and email enthusiastically answering any questions that arise regarding my home environment and other practices of Feng Shui that I wish to learn more about.
— J.P., Musician, Brooklyn, New York

My fiance and I invited Anjie to our home for a Feng Shui consultation at a critical moment in our relationship. We had moved into the apartment a few months prior, knew of its past tenant’s problematic nature, and had not felt close throughout the transition. Although we are both skeptics who believe first and foremost in science, we had faith in Anjie and knew we needed help.

Upon taking down our personal details and reviewing our floorplan, Anjie took great care in compiling her recommendations for us. Following an in-person consultation and ritual, we followed her instructions, making many small changes together and completing a few follow-up rituals wholeheartedly. Although we don’t understand why, these efforts did bring us closer, make us feel more in harmony. I’d recommend the process to anyone!
— J.S., Designer, Brooklyn, New York