Chinese Home Decorations

Video Transcript:

I'm Anjie Cho, and today I'm sharing with you the meanings behind using Chinese decorations in your home.

First are the ten Chinese coins of the Ching Dynasty. These are reproductions of coins from the Ching Dynasty representing the ten emperors from that time period. The coins represent abundance of wealth and power. It's beneficial to put these in an area that's easily seen from the entry. It can bring you wealth and money from an upright and legitimate source.

Another Chinese home decoration is the 12 zodiac animals. This is a representation of all 12 animals together on a cord. Each year is represented by a different animal and they are all included here, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Each animal represents an archetype. This decoration combines all 12 of the zodiac animals to represent harmony. This decoration is beneficial to put in the center of a home to represent harmony with all the members of the family.

The third Chinese home decoration is lucky bamboo. Bamboo is abundant in Asia and grows very quickly. It represents upright and honest growth as well as flexibility and adaptability. The bamboo plant does not flower or fruit. It's life span is long but simple. It's also hollow which represents an empty heart of humbleness. Coincidentally in Western culture, it's a symbol for the green sustainability movement.

In Feng Shui lucky bamboo is best when it's straight and not curly or twisted which can represent the opposite of upright and positive growth. Lucky bamboo represents a wood element of kindness, flexibility and healing growth. Plants also add life energy to a space. Lucky bamboo is great because they can thrive in a variety of lighting conditions and in water or in soil and it's very easy to find. If the green starts to fade into yellow, it probably needs a little bit more light. Just so you know the lucky bamboo you will often find is technically not bamboo but symbolically the plant works the same way.

Finally, the last Chinese home decoration I will talk about is a bowl of oranges. In Feng Shui, oranges and orange peels contribute positive, fresh and brightening energy our inner and outer environments. Oranges are very auspicious and lucky in Chinese culture. You can always find oranges as decorations at any Chinese festivity. The oranges transform the home with vibrant life giving positive energy. An easy way to incorporate oranges as a home decoration is to get a lovely Asian style bowl like this one, a green, black or white bowl complements the color of oranges very well. In Feng Shui a bowl of fresh oranges adds happiness and brightness to any room.

I'm Anjie Cho, Feng Shui designer with Anjie Cho Architect and founder of Holistic Spaces and today I shared with you the meanings and applications for Chinese home decorations.

by Anjie Cho