Decorating an Office With a Buddhist Motif


In Case You Wanted To Set Up Your Office With A Buddhist Feng Shui Flair, Check Out My EHow.Com Video!

Video Transcript:

Hello, I'm Anjie Cho, and today I will share with you some tips for decorating an office with a Buddhist motif.

In Buddhism and in Feng Shui, we employ the five elements which is a philosophy used to describe the cycles of nature, how they work together and seek to always be in balance. The five elements are Earth, water, fire, wood and metal. A great way to start incorporating a Buddhist motif into your office is to include something that represents each of these five elements so that you have a balanced space.

Let's begin with the Earth element. Some examples of Earth are objects with a square shape, orange, brown or yellow or made from the Earth such as a large stone sculpture. This Quan Yin statue is a great example of how you can add the Earth element. It's heavy and made to look like stone. Also a big heavy wood desk is Earth element. It's brown, Earthy in color, squarish and has weight to it. Earth can add stability to your office.

Next is the water element. Water is wavy shapes and the color of black or dark blue and of course anything with water. A water fountain or fish tank are both simple and beautiful ways to add water to your office. Water represents knowledge and can assist with positive cash flow for your business. Mirrors are also water element and can visually expand your space.

Next of the five elements is fire. Fire is red and triangular in shape. In this example I have a beautiful Mandala with firey colors. In Feng Shui, this adds passion and recognition. The fourth element is wood. Wood is green or light blue, vertical and expansive and living plants. Wood furniture like this desk is not actually the wood element. It's dead wood so it's Earth because it's brown. And lighting a tree is a great addition to the office. It improves the indoor air quality and adds life energy. Wood also symbolizes growth.

Finally, we end with a metal element. Metal is associated with white, gray and metallic colors and also circular shapes and the physical element of metal. Metal assists in efficiency and attracting helpful people to your office. You can find metal Buddhas to complete your Buddhist motif in your office. 

by Anjie Cho