Herbal Homemade Conditioner You Can Make in Your Own Kitchen

Video Transcript:

I'm Anjie Cho, and this is how to make herbal homemade conditioner in your own kitchen. Most hair conditioners that you find in stores use harmful and or synthetic chemicals that will not only over time dry your hair out, but may also be toxic. Though these chemicals preserve the shelf life of the product, they do absolutely nothing to preserve the health of your hair.

This herbal homemade hair conditioner can be made in your own kitchen with just a few simple items. Note, this hair conditioner is very similar to a hot oil treatment, and it's really great for dry hair but also for oily hair too. You'll need some good quality oils, such as jojoba oil, olive oil or coconut oil. I prefer to use raw extra virgin oils if possible. You gently warm the oil so it's warm to the touch, and then you can add some herbs or essential oils of your choice.

Basil is really great for oily hair and promotes hair growth. Chamomile, like the tea, is great for fine normal hair, and it also gives golden highlights, you can use a teabag and just take it out when you're done. Clary sage oil is great for dandruff treatment. Lavender is also great for dandruff and itchiness. Peppermint is good for dry hair and promotes hair growth so again you can use a teabag or you can just use the peppermint and strain it. Finally, tea tree oil is great for oily and dry scalp.

To make this homemade hair conditioner, or to use it you can use up to half or 2 teaspoons if you have long hair like me, and apply it to dry or damp hair. Massage it first into your scalp then down to the ends. Leave it in for an hour or two, shampoo and rinse.

This hair conditioner will heal and nourish all types of hair. It will condition dry and brittle hair as well balance oily hair.

by Anjie Cho