How To Decorate With Hanging Crystals

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals Are One Of The Most Common Feng Shui Adjustments.  We Can It One Of The "Methods Of Minor Additions" -- A Way To Add Something Small To Make A Huge Impact On The Chi And Energy Of Your Space.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Anjie Cho and I'd like to share with you how to decorate with hanging crystals from a Feng Shui perspective.

There are different types of crystals. This amethyst is an example of a natural mineral crystal. These are less common to use for hanging. Instead one would decorate by placing these on stands or just sitting on a horizontal surface. There are also different types of hanging crystals. There are many shapes and sizes, tear drops, stars, hearts, ovals as well as different colors, clear, red, blue, etc.

Today I'm specifically speaking to you about how to decorate with clear crystal spheres that are used in many Feng Shui applications. The Feng Shui crystal spheres are shaped somewhat in between a ball and a tear drop shape. They are multifaceted and typically clear. This is a Swarovski leaded crystal Feng Shui ball, 40 millimeters round. I prefer leaded crystal over regular glass. The lead is added to glass to add to decorative qualities because it has a much higher index of refraction. So the more light that's reflected, the more sparkle you will have. No worries, the lead is not a health risk as you are only hanging them and not having significant skin or food contact. 

Faceted crystals are very beautiful as decorations in a bright window. They can catch the sun, the light can product beautiful rainbow colors as the sunlight is refracted through the facets. And Feng Shui is also very important to hang them using a red cord. Red is a very auspicious color and represents protection. It's even better if the cord can be a length that's equal to a multiple of nine like nine inches, 18 inches, 27 inches. These Feng Shui crystals are easy to find online. They come in various sizes. For Feng Shui purposes, most interior spaces should use crystals of 40 millimeters or larger. Since the crystals are multifaceted, just like with sunlight, the Feng Shui crystals take a strong burst of energy and disperse it so it's more gentle on your life and the energy of your home.

Beneficial locations for Feng Shui crystals are a strong angle such as a strong corner. We call that Shachi or poison arrows. The crystal can disperse that negative energy. A second application is a dark entry. It can attract positive energy and then disperse it into your entry and then into your home. A third application is if you have a desk or bed right in line with the door. That's a lot of energy coming right at you when you are sitting or sleeping in a place for a long time. The crystal will take that rushing energy and disperse it.

I'm Anjie Cho, Feng Shui interior architect with Anjie Cho Architect and founder of Holistic Spaces and this has been how to decorate with hanging crystals.

by Anjie Cho