Ideas for Painting Flat & Imperfect Walls

Video Transcript:

I'm Anjie Cho, and these are some ideas for painting flat and imperfect walls. Imperfections and blemishes on your walls can definitely be an eye sore, but there are ways that you can improve the appearance of paints.

The finish of the paint as well as the treatment of the walls before you paint are very important. Before you start, make sure to fill the imperfections with Spackle, like so. You can get Spackle along with a putty knife at any hardware store. Let it dry, then make sure to sand the surface smooth with sandpaper.

Second, the type of paint is very important. Matte or flat finish paints will hide the imperfections the most effectively because they are not as reflective as egg shell, semi-gloss or glossy finishes. The more reflective the paint, the more it will accentuate the imperfections, 'cause the light will hit, will reflect off the uneven surfaces. I'm painting here with the zero VOC eco-friendly paint, which I recommend for a non-toxic holistic home.

Preparing the wall with Spackle and using a flat or matte finish paint is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of your flat and imperfect walls.

by Anjie Cho