Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Career Growth and Direction

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I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing podcast! I am also still deciding which Feng Shui school works best for me but I love learning about Feng Shui and your podcast really taught me so much. My whole apartment is located directly above a laundromat. I'm interested in tapping into some good energies for mine and my boyfriend's careers. I need to figure out what direction I want to go in career-wise, and my boyfriend is hoping to grow his business. Thanks for all your help Anjie!

Amy A., Easthampton, MA

Hi Amy,

Thank you so much for listening to the podcast and for submitting your floor plan. Maybe one day we’ll start the podcast again! But I’ve had a busy year working on my book,  and launching Mindful Design Feng Shui School.

From your email, you’ve indicated that you and your boyfriend would like to have some feng shui advice on how to improve your careers. The boyfriend wishes to grow his business, and you would like some direction and clarity on your career in general.

Feng Shui for Career Growth Floor Plan.png

I appreciate the time and energy you spent on this floor plan, and even drawing it up on the computer! Everything is part of the story for you, including the appearance of this floor plan. My first observation was that that you’ve drawn this with a very thick black boundary. In fact the boundary is even thicker at the front door, and I had to spend some time to even find the front door on the plan. Of course all of this relates to your careers. This tells me that there may be some blocks in how business and career opportunities find you. You and your boyfriend can make a bit more effort to put yourself out in the world more. It can be literally getting out of the house more, as well as opening your mind up as well. 

It's interesting that you live above a laundromat. A few things come to mind...living above a lot of things spinning around in circles. And also people coming in to clean their "dirty laundry" and coming out fresh and clean! Finally, the ritual of cleaning. So maybe in your life, you spin things around a few times, but end up with freshness and new beginnings!

A little more on the entry, since the entry and this large block is in the Benefactors area, I think that it would be beneficial to look for helpful people and to travel outside of your comfort zone. Are there mentors you can work with? Are there friends or colleagues that you can reach out to for support? Be sure the entry is clean, uncluttered, and bright. If you need to, add some lighting, or a brighter light bulb. Make sure the outside of your door is clean, and your house number is clear and easy to see. 

The entry is super important to career. It’s how the world finds and sees you. 

For your boyfriend, he would like some growth in his business, so I would recommend a green plant in the Recognition area of your home, which is in the living room where the table is. Near the table by the window would be a perfect spot for a new healthy green plant or tree. I’ve been loving fig trees lately like this one. The leaves are so lush and soft. The wood element can support and enhance the fame and recognition he needs to see growth.

If you want to have some more clarity and direction, keep your windows clean and clear. Even if they’re clean right now, clean them again! The windows symbolize the eyes of the inhabitants of the home. Keep your eyes open and clear so you can start to see what’s the best direction for you. So you can begin to notice the messages from the universe to direct you towards your life path.

Finally, the both of you can attract more helpful people and benefactors, which is in that entry area. Besides the suggestions above, you can also ring a bell like these to activate the benefactors area. The sound and vibrations will spread out so that helpful people will come to your support. It’s even more powerful if you can do this every day between 11am and 1pm for 27 days in a row! 

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Sun Moon Mirror

Sun Moon Mirror.jpg

I am very interested in purchasing your Sun Moon Mirror; however, I was hoping you could provide me with a few more examples of how I may use it. I have been trying to research it a bit on the Internet but have not found any valuable information on the topic. I appreciate any assistance that you can provide regarding the item.

Teneale S., Alberta, Canada

Hi Teneale,

Thanks for your interest in the Sun Moon Mirror.

Sun Moon Mirrors are sacred ritual objects used for many purposes in BTB Feng Shui. Mirrors are quite useful in feng shui adjustments, but these Sun Moon Mirrors can be used as a more powerful version in most feng shui cures that require mirrors. They are double sided and are powerful because the sun side of a Sun Moon Mirror has been exposed to 24 hours of sunlight and the moon side to 24 hours of moonlight. They’re a challenge to make, because your attention to the process is important, and can also take a great deal of time, as cloudy days are not effective for empowering the mirror(s). You don’t want the sun side to accidentally receive energy from moon or vice versa. The Sun Moon Mirrors that we sell at Holistic Spaces have been created by my feng shui teacher, Katherine Metz

There is a wide variety of uses for a Sun Moon Mirror, but you won’t find them on the Internet. This list is something you receive when appropriate from a feng shui consultant or a teacher. The teachings are traditionally most effective when transmitted orally and at just the right time and place. When you purchase the mirror through Holistic Spaces, you’ll receive a document that Katherine created listing over 20 ways to use this incredible feng shui ritual object. 

Some examples are:

  • You can carry this tool around at all times for protection. I carry one with me in my purse.
  • For clarity, you can place a Sun Moon Mirror in your pillow and sleep on it.
  • For clarity and focus in your career, fasten it on the ceiling above your head at your desk.
  • If you are making a feng shui adjustment using one of the feng shui mirrors we have, you can use this Sun Moon Mirror as a more powerful option. For example if there is a missing feng shui bagua area in your home, you can use the mirror to bring back the area energetically.

I'm excited to hear that you're interested in the Sun Moon Mirror. It is such a powerful feng shui tool, and I recommend it when possible. I would love to hear how you choose to use yours!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Improving and Starting Careers

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We bought crystals from the Holistic Spaces Store recently to hang one each above main entrance door, study and bedroom (as my bed in line with the door). I want to move up in my career with higher education, and my husband needs to start his training/career/job. I feel like for the seven years we've lived in our current house, things have been stressful, creating anxiety and stagnant. Any feng shui help or suggestions are appreciated!

Arjun S., Muncie, IN

Hi Arjun

I hope the first part of your question that we answered last week was helpful, when you asked about pregnancy losses and feng shui. Thanks for your patience for part two of this question.

Your second question is in regards to improving careers for both you and your husband. You also noted that your last seven years have been stressful, anxiety ridden and you’ve felt stagnant. It sounds like you're seeking insight as to what the next steps are in your career, and you also suggested that you need to continue your education. Sometimes our career is not doing well or is stuck because we need to gain more skills, so going back to school or taking additional courses can be very helpful in kickstarting a positive change. Skillfulness in this case is associated with the Knowledge area of the feng shui bagua. I recommend that you study in this area of your home, and if this space is neglected, direct some attention there. Can you spend time there regularly or move nine items around to stir the energy in this area?

For your husband, you noted that he needs to start his career, so maybe he can also work on this same Knowledge area. If he has trouble getting started, he can also look to activate the New Beginnings area. You can do this by adding a new green plant, for instance. Our recent post on How to Grow Fresh Air suggests several options for welcoming new energy, promoting growth and cleaning the air in your space all at once. If your husband needs more clarity, he can also place a new feng shui crystal ball, available here in the Holistic Spaces store, in this area. 

Overall if you feel that your life has been challenging with stress, anxiety and stagnation, it may help to assess the condition of the trees and greenery around your home. Are they in good shape and healthy? Give some attention to the vitality of the natural landscaping around your house, because it can also affect your health, both physically and mentally.

It sounds like the past few years have been very taxing for you. I recommend trying a few of these feng shui adjustments. Be sure to note your intention when you make these changes and practice patience. Feng shui is not a magic pill, and you must do the mundane work as well!

by Anjie Cho 

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Q&A Sunday: Laying the Bagua Map on a South-Facing House

Laying the Bagua Map on a South-Facing House.jpg

Hi! I have been a listener of your podcast since the beginning and I really enjoy your practical approach! I am reaching to you with a question: What to do when the entrance of your house faces south? Is it possible to successfully apply the bagua to a space without getting it all wrong/opposite of where it is supposed to be? 

Eight years ago, I had a consultant come to our house and help me map the bagua and cures. It worked wonderfully! We moved out of state almost five years ago to our current house, and our lives are completely different. I am mostly concerned with my husband's career. We went from having a lot of support and growth in our careers, to being overlooked and feeling completely stuck where we are now. Just yesterday he found out that he lost a big part of the compensation package that was the incentive that moved us to where we live now. How do I activate the career and helpful people areas without feeling like maybe I am doing it in the wrong place? 

Veronica H., Forest City, NC

Hi Veronica,

Thanks so much for listening to the podcast since the beginning! Your first question is: what to do when the entrance of your house faces south. There are dozens of schools of feng shui, and the one that I practice is called BTB feng shui. In BTB, we don’t use the cardinal or compass directions to place the feng shui bagua map. So, from my perspective, it makes no difference whether your house faces south in successfully applying the bagua to your space. 

As far as the layout of the bagua on your current home, I do think the “nagging feeling” is important to pay attention to. However it’s also useful to have trust in the feng shui consultant you worked with, because that’s what the universe has presented to you. 

From a BTB perspective, I think the best way for you to activate the Career and Benefactors areas would be to focus on the bedroom. It’s beneficial to start closest to you, and it’s also going to be easier for you to lay the bagua map in a room as opposed to the entire house. You would stand in the doorway of your bedroom, looking in, then divide the room into a three-by-three grid. If you’re interested in the helpful people (Benefactors) area, that would be on the nearest right corner, while the career (Path in Life) would be the center of that wall that the entry is located on. I think that career as well as Benefactors - helpful people definitely need activation, but also maybe consider the Recognition - Fame area. You said that you were being overlooked, and the Recognition area can help to improve being seen.

When I do consultations, I always ask clients to choose three things to focus on, so this might be a great trio for you to look to in making adjustments. I encourage you to re-listen to the earlier podcasts on these bagua areas and check the blog for suggestions on how to improve the Path in Life, Benefactors and Fame areas. There are many ways to make adjustments here, and I'm certain one will be fitting for you!

by Anjie Cho

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