Stale Nursery Trends It’s Time to Say Goodbye To

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image credit: Pottery Barn Kids via    Domino

image credit: Pottery Barn Kids via Domino

Ask any parent-to-be and they’ll probably say the same thing: Half the fun of prepping for a baby is designing the nursery. But before you go pinning up a storm on Pinterest, it’s important to take a minute to think about the trends that are actually worth putting in your little one’s room. While some ideas might offer initial appeal—much like other outdated home décor crazes—a lot of nursery fads are fleeting.

Luckily, we have a lot of designer friends to call upon for help. We asked these interior aficionados what nursery trends are on their way out, and they had a lot to share. From animal prints to crib mobiles, read ahead for the trends the experts say it’s time to bid adieu to.

Gendered Colors

As gendered stereotypes become more and more passé in the real world, it’s no surprise that hip designers are making a concerted effort to create gender-neutral nurseries.

“Gender roles in society are beginning to be revisited, and so are the traditional go-to hues (i.e. pink for girls and blue for boys) used in nurseries,” says designer Anjie Cho. “Gray—my favorite is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl—is the new yellow of non-gendered nursery colors; it works with pastels and is both soothing and neutral.”

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Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui and Pregnancy

Feng Shui and Pregnancy.jpg

Is there any sort of feng shui I should pay special attention to if I'm pregnant?

Stephanie C., Washington D.C.

Hi Stephanie,

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! 

There are a few things to consider when we look at feng shui and pregnancy. For one, I would encourage you not to do any kind of house renovations during your pregnancy. Your home represents your body, so during a pregnancy, you don’t want to do any renovations or move things around or rebuild things. Not only does this disturb your body's natural chi, any chemicals or substances that become airborne during a renovation can be harmful to an unborn baby. 

Since your body, for the next nine months, is your baby's only space, do your best to keep this space healthy, both emotionally and physically. Avoid high-stress situations and instances where you might come into contact with anything physically harmful for your baby's growth. Check out my recipes for DIY non-toxic cleaners and laundry detergent, and if you feel the need to nest (which you most likely will!) aim for a green cleaning approach, natural space clearing and the like. And don't do any painting yourself, but check out how to create a relaxing atmosphere, use the color wheel and incorporate other feng shui aspects into your baby's space

Don't forget to take time out for yourself to eliminate stress too! Meditate, use essential oils or do any other activities you can to calm down without changing the overall chi of your baby's temporary space. 

In feng shui, there are also some important factors to consider before you get pregnant, when you are trying to have a baby. One of the most important is to avoid cleaning out from under your bed during this time. Though feng shui recommends keeping space beneath your bed clear, it is important to understand the concept of "ling particles" as it relates to pregnancy. 

Feng shui practitioners believe that there are what we call "ling particles" in the air that help create and support life. When a baby is conceived, a ling particle gives the embryo life, and these particles are said to collect under the bed. For this reason, if you're hoping to become pregnant, you don’t want to clean under your bed. I would also encourage you not to do any renovations when you’re trying to get pregnant.

For the most part, feng shui advocates creating a healthy, positive space for your baby. This means not making any drastic changes to the environment you've already created, and doing what you can to maintain a stress-free, healthy lifestyle. This will also help to create a holistic space in which for you to welcome your baby to the world!  

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Kids Study Spaces and Where to Begin with Feng Shui

Kids Study Spaces and Where to Begin with Feng Shui.jpg

I like your blog, it is so inspiring. I am new to feng shui and have 3 questions:
1. Is/are there any effective, specific knowledge/ items which help(s) kids to manage themselves to study or encourage(s) doing homework? I am a Tiger mum and have a Pig boy (June 3, 2007) and a Rabbit daughter (May 29, 2011). Based on this info, I would appreciate any recommendation. 
2. I want to practice feng shui. Where should I start ?
3. Do you ship outside the USA?

Oznur R., Turkey

Dear Oznur,

Thank you for your question and compliments, and welcome to the wonderful world of feng shui!

It’s awesome that you have so many questions; it means you’re really interested and curious. In feng shui, you’re encouraged to inquire, test and scrutinize the teachings. 

Your first question pertains to supporting children in their studies and education. In general, it’s recommended that when your son and daughter are doing their homework, they have a desk or a dedicated area to do their work. An area of the dining table is fine, as long as it’s clear and spacious, and accommodates them. When it is time for them to study, have this space become a real desk. It’s also important to locate them in the commanding position of the room, whether at a desk or another study area. This means that they can both see the entrance of the space, without turning their heads, but are not in line with the door. The best location is diagonal from the door. This way your children are in a relaxed place in their space so they can clearly focus on homework. There’s more information about the commanding position here, here and here.

You’re also a Tiger mother, and your son is a Pig. This tells me that you have a good, compatible relationship to begin with. Tiger and Pig are best friends and ideal companions. Your daughter is a Rabbit, so your relationship to her is neutral. But your Pig boy and Rabbit daughter also get along well, because they form a harmonious relationship (along with the Ram). By the way, be sure to check out our post where Beth Grace shares the forecast for each Chinese Zodiac animal this year.  

Your second question is about how to start studying and practicing feng shui. Well I have an exciting announcement! I’m starting a Mindful Design teaching program with my talented friend, Laura Morris. The program is set to launch in the fall of 2018, so keep an eye out! We're excited to teach feng shui from our shared Mindful Design perspective.

Last but not least, yes we do ship to Turkey for most items! You can email us at if you have any specific questions about that! Be sure to check out our new apothecary items… I think the Focus mist might be perfect for your little ones! 

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Making Space for a Baby, But What About Storage?

Making Space for a Baby, But What About Storage?.jpg

In your post about pregnancy and feng shui, you mention making space as much as possible, but her closet is storage for our home too. Thoughts on how to handle?

Laurie E., Los Angeles, CA

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for reading our Q&A about pregnancy.

I actually do not suggest making as much space as possible in this post, nor would I necessarily recommend that. But maybe you read this post, where I suggest creating a space for a baby to come into your home. You don’t want it to be so full that there’s no room for the new little person.

However, it sounds like your situation is a little different. You do have a room for your baby, but you happen to have a storage closet in that room. Functionality is very important too when it comes to feng shui, as with most things in life. If that’s the storage closet and you have no other space for it, that’s totally okay. What you can do is make sure the closet is organized and what you do have stored there is necessary and in good condition. You can also use functional furniture that serves as storage as well!

I would also consider what sorts of things you have stored in the baby’s closet. Obviously things like knives and guns are not appropriate. If possible, store baby-related and soft things like pillows and linens. Do the best that you can and move things around if necessary. Just try to store objects with good energy around your new baby.

It would be wonderful if we could have completely separate spaces for each person in a home, but realistically that doesn't always happen. In this case, it seems you've definitely taken the time and intention to make some space for your new family member, so as long as you maintain a good, positive energy in her room, your feng shui should be fine. :)

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Family Bedrooms and the Bagua

Q&A Sunday - Family Bedrooms and the Bagua.jpg

I love listening to your podcast! Our family has purchased a new home and are excited to be moving in, in a few weeks time. My children will have their bedrooms in the Abundance and Relationship areas respectively, with the Recognition area being shared by both of their rooms. I wonder if there is a more auspicious place to place each child?

My daughter is the first born, and I have heard you say that the Abundance area is represented by the first daughter. They have decided that my son will have that room, and she will have the room in the Relationship area which has no balcony and two smaller windows, compared to the bedroom with the big window and balcony. They want to swap bedrooms once a year so that they can each enjoy the balcony. I wonder if there is a better place for either of them and whether it is a good idea for them to swap once a year? My husband and I are on the other side of the house and our bedroom aligns with the Knowledge, Path in Life and Benefactors area.

Olga D., Brisbane, Australia

Hi Olga

Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! 😃 

This is an interesting question, and I’m going to first comment on placing the two children in the rear of the home (with your room, the parents, in the front of the home). Ideally, you want to place the parents room further back beyond the center line of the home, because that places them more in command. With the children in the rear of the home, it may mean they are more in charge, or in command, of the family situation. But I’m guessing this is because the master bedroom is located where it is, and so we have to work with the situation, right? 

You are also correct that the Abundance area of the feng shui bagua map is related to the eldest daughter. The area related to the first son is actually the Knowledge area. My sense is that it's positive and encouraging that your son and daughter would like to swap bedrooms once a year so that they can both appreciate the larger window and balcony. It sounds like they have a balanced relationship. 

As far if there's a better room for either of them, in a full consultation we could look at the astrology and five elements of each child to see if there is a more beneficial area. However, I think the idea that your children came up with is a great idea, and I encourage it!

Please don't hesitate to let us know if further questions come up as you each set up your rooms and your home as a whole. You can also take a peek at Feng Shui Tips for Moving Into a New Home and Q&A Sunday: Kickstarting a New Beginning, Energetically and Spiritually for tips on moving!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Storing Legal Paperwork for Children

Q&A Sunday - Storing Legal Paperwork for Children.jpg

Hi, I was wondering where to store child court order paperwork. I currently have full sole legal and physically custody, and the father is still trying to change that. It would be dangerous for him to have any custody over her. Please help me keep this current order in place. 



Thank you for your thoughtful question. I’m sorry to hear you have a difficult custody situation with your child. I do not know your specific situation and without more information cannot offer more advice in regards to helping you keep the order in place as you desire. 

However, similar to the question of how to store divorce paperwork, my first thought would be that you locate any legal paperwork in regards to the finalized court decision for your child in the Completion area of the feng shui bagua map of your home to encourage the situation to remain resolved in the best interest of the child. The Completion area is also the Children area of the feng shui bagua map, so this may keep your child’s best interests at the forefront. You must do this with the interests of the child’s safety and future first in mind. 

Please let us know if you want to share any more info! It’s a very delicate subject, and it would be prudent to wait for more information. 

by Anjie Cho

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Feng Shui Your Way to Optimized Energy and Organization

featured this month on Tech Connect

I'm so excited to be featured on the Tech Connect podcast! Heidi and I chat about using feng shui to organize and optimize the energy in your life. Tune in here to listen as we talk what feng shui is, how our physical space influences us, dealing with messy teens, tips on placing furniture and more! 

by Anjie Cho

Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for a Quiet Lifestyle

I'm moving unexpectedly due to a poor experience in my previous apartment. The manager feels it would be a better fit for my quiet lifestyle. Question: I desire peace, tranquility and an ambiance of water. I love citrus smells too. What feng shui suggestions do you have for a small apartment, family of 4 (3 kids & myself)?

Trina S., Las Vegas, NV

Hi Trina,

Thanks so much for your question. I’m so sorry that you had such a poor experience in your home that you need to move. I hope your new place does fit your quiet lifestyle better. 

I find that so many of us seek peace and tranquility. I can’t tell you how many clients come to me, and they just want a relaxing home. You’ve also indicated you are attracted to water, which is related to dark colors (think black and very dark blue) as well as the Path in Life area on the feng shui bagua. It's also associated with fluidity, wisdom and intelligence. It's good news that you love citrus smells! In feng shui philosophy, oranges can welcome positive, life-affirming energy. Physiologically, oranges also help relieve depression and improve mood. Check out our orange peel ritual for space clearing that's perfect for the brand new lunar year!

I don’t have your floor plan, but you wrote that you’re searching for quiet. I can offer some general tips based on my intuition and what you have shared. If you love the ambiance of water, perhaps include a water element in your living room. The sound is soothing and brings water energy. Water elements, like fountains, can welcome wealth if you direct the water current towards inside or the center of your home (rather than out the door). As mentioned above, oranges are also are a great way to bring in life energy. We have some space clearing techniques on the blog or our orange Happy spray that is especially good for new homes. It’s also good to periodically clear the space no matter how long you’ve lived in your home. 

Most importantly, because you have three kids, please review the commanding position and bed locations. If possible, try to locate each child's bed in the commanding position. This position is diagonal, or kitty corner, from the door with a clear view of what is entering. The commanding position is especially important for children. If you have bunk beds for the kids, and this is all you have space for, be sure to stay tuned for a future post. We'll talk more about that. But they're not ideal for kid's feng shui. You can read more about designing a kids' room with feng shui here

I hope these help! Send us your floor plan sometime, and we may be able to offer some more specific tips.

by Anjie Cho 

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