Stress Less with These Colors

Feeling stressed? Get this: Your decorating color scheme can help you keep the chaos of your to-do list in check and the weight of the world off your shoulders. In BTB feng shui, colors are one of the simplest ways to shift the energy of a space.

Set aside some time to grab a paint brush and coat your walls with a soothing, stress-busting hue of calm from the following list:

Cool Blues

Is there anything more relaxing than gazing up at a clear, blue sky, other than, perhaps, watching rippling blue water? It’s no wonder blue tops the list of stress-free color palettes. Take your pick from soft, watery shades to muted blue-gray hues for a tranquil, peaceful, and calm environment. In feng shui, blues also relate to the wood element.

Go Green

Evoking the tranquility of nature, green can relax the body and the mind. Stick with muted, natural shades in green-beige tones and muted yellow-green. You want to select colors found in nature, as supposed to the louder, bolder, brighter hues. Complement this wall color with décor made of natural materials. In feng shui, greens also relate to the wood element.

Think Pink

Although you’ll want to avoid its more saturated, bold cousin “red,” peaceful pink can promote balance. Look for pale dusty hues while avoiding the hot-pink and bubblegum shades. Not ready to commit to a room full of pink walls? Use it as an accent color in a room with neutral walls. Pinks also relate to the feng shui bagua map area of relationships and partnership, it's very yin and feminine.

Peaceful Purple

Looking for strength, peace and wisdom? Decorate with violet to introduce balance and relaxation. Finding the right shade of purple is key. Stay away from shades with too much black to avoid a cold feel. On the other hand, deep, rich purples can be stimulating. Select a purple like lavender for the best results. Purples also relate to the feng shui bagua map area of abundance and wealth.

Shades of Grey

Not only is grey the trending neutral, it’s also soothing. This versatile, calm color is the perfect canvas to build upon. Paint your room grey and use the other tonal families on this list for your accent pieces. In the feng shui bagua map, greys relate to the area of benefactors and helpful people, it's a related to the elements of metal and water.

Don’t get warm

Shades of red, yellow and orange are wonderful, energizing colors; and as such, they're not the first choice for stress-busting rest and relaxation. Red, as an example, is stimulating. It’s the color we associate with passion. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up and an energy boost, red is your go-to color. If peace is on your agenda, however, it’s best to leave it out. 

by Anjie Cho