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Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for a Yoga Teacher

Feng Shui for a Yoga Teacher.jpg

I’d love any feng shui advice you can give me. I’m a yoga teacher - it’s what I love. I would like to grow my annual income by doubling the amount of private clients I work with regularly. I’m exhausted with the myth that it’s impossible to make money as a yoga teacher! 

Hunt P., Brooklyn, NY

Hi Hunt,

What a blessing that you love your career and what you do. And yes, it is possible to make good money as a yoga teacher; I believe in you! And a little feng shui always helps, right? 🙂

Thank you for sending along your floor plan. I’ll make some basic comments on the entire plan, then focus on your bedroom. The bedroom represents you and is the best place to focus your energy.

Feng Shui for a Yoga Teacher - Floor Plan.png

It’s really important to have a clean entry with a bright light. If there isn’t an ability to keep the entry area bright and as expansive as possible, do what you can. You can add lighting, use brighter bulbs, paint the area white. From your floor plan, it looks rather narrow, so it could also benefit from having a mirror on the wall, to visually and energetically open up the space. Also make sure that, since this is an apartment, the apartment door number is easy to find and clean. You can also make sure all buzzers and door bells are in working order. Since the entry is your Path in Life and Career area, this is especially important. 

Let’s move onto your bedroom area. We can echo what we are doing in your overall floor plan by activating the Path in Life area of your bedroom. Mimic what was done in the entry of the whole floor plan. For example, you can add a new light fixture and/or mirror in both of these areas. Or paint the entry of the apartment and the wall along the door wall of the bedroom white. Or do all three!

The bed is not in the ideal position, but I understand you have a window and closet that makes it difficult to relocate it. What you can do to put the bed in the commanding position is to place a mirror so that when you’re in bed you can easily see the front door.  Second, your body is in the line of qi from the door. This can cause health problems. This can be corrected by hanging a Feng Shui crystal in the line of qi, where I’ve notated it on the floor plan. You can purchase a feng shui crystal here, in the Holistic Spaces shop.

Feng Shui for a Yoga Teacher - Bedroom Floor Plan.png

Finally my last comment is to move your desk in command as suggested on the floor plan. You’re not in command with your current desk position. Your desk represents your career, so its location is super critical. Also, in the Recognition areas of your desk, bedroom and apartment, you can place a piece of citrine; see the circles noted on the floor plans. This will activate your prosperity energy and your fire energy in the world, so all the potential clients out there who can benefit from your services can find you!

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by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Tips for Spiritual & Healing Providers

Tips for Spiritual & Healing Providers.jpg

What are some basic tips for people who provide spiritual or healing services to reflect a fun, sacred, zen-like atmosphere to spaces/venues that are already designed?

T.F, Stamford, CT

This is a situation that many face: how to create a holistic space with what you have. It’s a little like life, right? We come into this world with our cultural and environmental conditioning and limitations. My teachers would say that if you’re born a Honda you’ll never be a Mercedes, but you can be the best Honda you can be! Similarly, we can work with what we’re given. Most feng shui is remedial - we make adjustments after the fact. With my clients I actually incorporate feng shui into the architectural design. But not everyone has that luxury or foresight.

Space Clearing

My first suggestion is space clearing. In feng shui we use different rituals involving mantras, sometimes rice, sometimes oranges and others. If you want to do this yourself I recommend getting some orange essential oil and placing 9 drops in a bowl of water. With this bowl, walk around clockwise from the entrance sprinkling the essence throughout the space. Lately I’ve also been burning palo santo, a Peruvian wood used to smudge (or clear) a space. Remember when you clear a space, always put positive energy back in.

Commanding Position

Second, use the commanding position to layout the most important areas in your space. For a spiritual or healing provider, this may be your desk or the position in which a client receives your services. The commanding position locates us in an advantageous place so we can feel relaxed and in control of our environment. This position is that which is furthest back from the door, while not in line with or behind the swing of the door.

Five Elements

Third, use the five elements to create a balanced and harmonious space. Take a look at this previous Holistic Spaces blog article or explore our five elements series on the Holistic Spaces podcast.

Bring in Nature

Finally, for a healing and zen-like space be sure to have some green plants. Use non-toxic cleaning products and add fresh flowers when possible. The plants not only improve the indoor air quality, they add life energy to the space. Plants promote kindness and flexibility. Fragrant fresh flowers bring joy and improve energy flow.

There is also something my teachers call “method of minor additions” which involve the use of feng shui adjustment objects such as crystals, mirrors, windchimes, colors, etc. Unfortunately that’s where the feng shui expert comes in. This depends on the particular location, situation, and person.

Good luck with your space, and kudos to you for providing such beautiful services to help others.

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Bed Direction and Entry Mirrors

Bed Direction and Entry Mirrors.jpg

I've just moved into a new condo. Should my bed face the door? And is a mirror bad to have in an entry way?

Patricia G., Buffalo, NY

Hi Patricia

Congratulations on your new home! Hope you're loving it. 

Question one, should your bed face the door? In BTB feng shui, we use the "commanding position" for important furniture placement, such as a bed. Essentially, this question is about what is a good direction to face when you're spending many hours in one spot. The bed ideally faces the door, meaning that when you are laying in bed, or sitting up in bed, you can clearly see the door. However, it's not about placement right in front of, or in line with, the door. Diagonal from the door is the best position for a bed, so when you're in bed, you can see anyone that may be coming into the room with ease, not having to turn around. We have more posts about the commanding position here, here and here.

Onto the second question, is a mirror bad to have in an entry way? It's definitely not bad! It actually depends on they layout of your entry and your home, where exactly you want to place the mirror, etc., etc. But mirrors can expand a space, so if you have a small foyer, a mirror can be very helpful from a feng shui perspective. It can also be very functional. 

As you likely know from reading the blog and listening in on podcasts, feng shui can be a great way to get started in a new space. I'm excited for your new adventure and happy to hear that feng shui is a concern for you. Good luck in your condo, and please reach out with any additional questions!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Chinese Astrology for a Horse in a Rooster Year

This year of the Fire Rooster has been really tough for me so far. Big snow making getting to work difficult, 3 squirrel infestations in my new Nissan Rogue (wires chewed...in shop three times). I'm a Wood Horse. Please advise me how to improve my luck. Maybe a dragon in the entryway?

Shauna R., Abbotsford , British Columbia, Canada

Hi Shauna

I’m so very sorry that you have been having such a challenging year. It’s actually been a quite challenging year for many others as well. As far as the relationship between Horse and Rooster, it’s actually neutral. It may be useful for you to consult directly with a Chinese Astrology expert as it sounds like this is where your interests lie, and there are great astrologers I can recommend. Beth Grace, Doris Ingber and Yasha Jampolsky are all Chinese Astrologers you can hire. They can look at your specific natal chart, based on the time of your birth, in relationship with the energies of this specific year. Without seeing your actual birth information, there’s not much more I can advise in terms of your astrology.

As far the feng shui aspects to improve your luck, the founder of BTB feng shui, H.H. Professor Lin Yun always advised to first take of the mundane issues. That simply means what are the practical things you can do to improve the situation. Luckily the winter has passed, but as far as the squirrels, is there something you can do to prevent this happening again in the future? Then, I have a sense that you should start with the most basic feng shui adjustment of making sure your bed, desk and stove are in the commanding position. You can find more information about that here, here and here.

As far as the car damage, you can look at the feng shui of your car. It represents how you connect to the world, right? And the electrical wires are akin to your blood and nervous system. It maybe helpful for you to check that out. It might be interesting to also look at symbology of the squirrel. The squirrel is associated with playfulness but also preparation. The presence of so many squirrels may be a sign to take life a little less seriously and have more fun. However, it can also be a note to take a look at your preparations in life and ensure they are all in place. On a less obvious level, the squirrel can also be a reminder to remain mindful. Squirrels only find 10% of the nuts they hide for winter, but all of these unfound nuts do develop into larger plants and trees. So be mindful of what you "plant", because it will inevitably come back up!

Since the damage was carried out by nature, you can also create a shrine to invite the nature spirits to appease them. You can create a special place, ideally outdoors, where you make a humble offering to the nature spirits so they are happy and feel invited into your home. This would include water, liquor, rice and a small rock or statue. Do this to dedicate a small space for magic from the universe in your life, and be sure to ask nature to visit your home! There's more on that here

Finally, you inquired about a dragon in the entryway. I’m assuming you’re suggesting this because the Dragon is the best friend of the Rooster. In BTB feng shui we advise you carry on your body a three-dimensional dragon in the Year of the Rooster. So this is the adjustment, to carry it on you. It’s not the same to have it in the entryway. If you had another reason, let us know so we can comment on it. You can purchase the charm in the Holistic Spaces shop, and it will definitely help you have a more auspicious year. Since the Dragon is the best friend of the Rooster, the Rooster will see the dragon charm and bestow good luck and protection. 

Thank you for submitting your question, and I hope the rest of your year improves! 

by Anjie Cho

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