Here's What To Put On Your Walls To Be In A Good Mood Every Damn Day

featured this week on MindBodyGreen by Emma Loewe

image credit: Stocksy via  MindBodyGreen

image credit: Stocksy via MindBodyGreen

While a minimalist mentality will probably never go out of style, we're noticing a new trend in home design: one that's less stark and more showy, less uniform and more flexible. Color has found its way into the muted, hushed feeds of popular design blogs, and the homes we visit for dinner parties are starting to look like people actually live in them.

Instead of keeping the house incredibly tidy and organized, we're starting to encourage a little mess—granted, thoughtful mess. Spaces that are curated with items of personal significance are becoming the norm, and possibilities for creativity abound.

4. Add an element of sound.

In feng shui, metal represents clarity and freshness. Architect and feng shui expert Anjie Cho recommends working metal accessories like bells or wind chimes into your design to pull in some of this joyful energy. "Be sure to select metal accessories that make sounds that are pleasing to you and hang them slightly off the wall so they can actually make some noise when a breeze comes by," she adds. "You can also sing along to some uplifting music while you decorate to really imprint your intention into this new accent wall." full article

Spirit Almanac: Your Guide To Celebrating January's Mystical Holidays

featured this week on MindBodyGreen by Emma Loewe

image credit: Chloé Bulpin / mbg creative

image credit: Chloé Bulpin / mbg creative

We all know to mark our calendars for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, National Avocado Day, and those other occasions people celebrate in big, bold, beautiful ways. But what about the lesser-acknowledged spiritual, astrological events that roll around every year? Consider our Spirit Almanac series your own personal guide to the divine.

This month, we’re unpacking the mystical magic of January with sound healing, gemstone rituals, and some pretty powerful New Year’s cleansing.

January 28, Chinese New Year

Today signals the first day of the traditional Chinese calendar—one that was marked by the lunar and solar phases. Traditionally a day to honor household and heavenly deities, the occasion is still a vibrant celebration of life and new beginnings. Here, feng shui expert Anjie Cho speaks about the animal tied to 2017 and shares how to harness its auspicious energy. full article