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Q&A Sunday: Family Bedrooms and the Bagua

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I love listening to your podcast! Our family has purchased a new home and are excited to be moving in, in a few weeks time. My children will have their bedrooms in the Abundance and Relationship areas respectively, with the Recognition area being shared by both of their rooms. I wonder if there is a more auspicious place to place each child?

My daughter is the first born, and I have heard you say that the Abundance area is represented by the first daughter. They have decided that my son will have that room, and she will have the room in the Relationship area which has no balcony and two smaller windows, compared to the bedroom with the big window and balcony. They want to swap bedrooms once a year so that they can each enjoy the balcony. I wonder if there is a better place for either of them and whether it is a good idea for them to swap once a year? My husband and I are on the other side of the house and our bedroom aligns with the Knowledge, Path in Life and Benefactors area.

Olga D., Brisbane, Australia

Hi Olga

Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! 😃 

This is an interesting question, and I’m going to first comment on placing the two children in the rear of the home (with your room, the parents, in the front of the home). Ideally, you want to place the parents room further back beyond the center line of the home, because that places them more in command. With the children in the rear of the home, it may mean they are more in charge, or in command, of the family situation. But I’m guessing this is because the master bedroom is located where it is, and so we have to work with the situation, right? 

You are also correct that the Abundance area of the feng shui bagua map is related to the eldest daughter. The area related to the first son is actually the Knowledge area. My sense is that it's positive and encouraging that your son and daughter would like to swap bedrooms once a year so that they can both appreciate the larger window and balcony. It sounds like they have a balanced relationship. 

As far if there's a better room for either of them, in a full consultation we could look at the astrology and five elements of each child to see if there is a more beneficial area. However, I think the idea that your children came up with is a great idea, and I encourage it!

Please don't hesitate to let us know if further questions come up as you each set up your rooms and your home as a whole. You can also take a peek at Feng Shui Tips for Moving Into a New Home and Q&A Sunday: Kickstarting a New Beginning, Energetically and Spiritually for tips on moving!

by Anjie Cho

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Feng Shui for Your New Apartment

I'm excited to share with you the first in a series of three posts offering helpful feng shui adjustments for moving into a new apartment. The move from one space to another can be stressful and costly, but these feng shui tips are easy to implement and will go far in helping you make your new home into a sacred, nourishing space

Clear the Space

First things first, it's important to always clear any new space before introducing your things and trying to set up a home. All spaces can hold predecessor energy which could be negative, but definitely isn't yours, so it's helpful to clear your new space and set an intention for this to be YOUR new sacred space. Try any of the space clearing techniques we've discussed here for refreshing the energy in your new home!

Commanding Position

Moving into a new space is a great opportunity to ensure that you lay out your furniture in the most advantageous way. In feng shui, we have the concept of the commanding position, which helps to identify advantageous placement of furniture in your space, including your bed, sofa, desk and stove, in the furthest diagonal spot from the door, facing the door. This helps you see what's coming towards you in life and be properly prepared!

Check the Bagua

Laying a bagua can be a complicated process, even for the most advanced feng shui experts, but it's an important way to address any energetic needs in your space. If your new home is rectangular or square, simply stand at your front door and lay the bagua, taking note of what areas in your life may need extra attention. If this is not the case (and many times it isn't), you may want to reach out to a feng shui practitioner for assistance in making sure the important areas in your life are accounted for in your space. 

As time goes on, you may find that different areas in your space need work, but these three adjustments are a great way to start off your time in this new space on the right foot. Check back soon for the next installment and three more feng shui tips on moving into a new apartment! 

by Anjie Cho

Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

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Where we live is an essential element of our lives. It is where we feel safe.  It is such a precarious time when we are moving into a home, so it is during this transition time that feng shui can be of great assistance.  It is helpful to implement some feng shui when moving because it’s easy and extremely effective to start off your home with the right fundamentals in place. Below are some simple feng shui tips when moving into a new home.

Space Clearing

When you move into a new apartment or house, it may have lingering energy of past inhabitants.  This energy may be stagnant or negative, so it’s beneficial to start your life there with a clean slate.  The best way to do this is with a space clearing.  This can be done before you move in, with your boxes unpacked, or even after you have already unpacked.  But is best to do this as early as possible.  This process is a way of blessing the space, so be sure to do so with the intention that you are creating a new home to support and nourish you.  Start by opening all of the windows and doors for a minimum of nine minutes.  After 9 minutes of airing out the entire place, use orange essential oil to clear the space.  You can purchase an orange essential oil spray or get a diffuser for each room.  Oranges are very auspicious and the essence from the peels transforms energy into something positive and bright life affirming.

Rededicate the Home

After you have cleared the place of the existing energy, it is time to rededicate this space as your home.  Begin by selecting one personal object per room that has a positive special meaning for you.  Some examples are: family photos of happy times, an heirloom with positive memories, or a favorite plant. Place one personal object in each room starting at the entry, and then go clockwise placing the other objects in the additional rooms. Pay special attention to the entry, the kitchen, office and bedrooms.  After each object is located in each room, head back to the entry door.  From the entry, proceed clock wise from room to room.  In each room focus your positive and joyful intentions for your new home first by recognizing your personal object, then the room that it is now in.  Visualize that the happiness associated with that object is filled the room with supportive and lucky energy.

Command Position

My last suggestion is to do your best to locate your new furniture based on the command position.  In feng shui the concept of the command position is to locate your bed, desk, stove and other major furniture in such a way that it has the most expansive view of the entry door for the particular room.  You always want to be facing the door, while not directly in line of the door.  This typically means that you would be in command when placing your bed diagonally from the door, on the opposite side of the room and facing the door with the wall behind your headboard.  This position allows you to be in command of your home and life, creating a stress free and relaxing abode.

Congratulations on your new home!  Remember that feng shui is about focusing conscious intention in whatever you do. With all these feng shui tips remember that you are improving the energy flow in your life to create a safe and nurturing abode.

by Anjie Cho