Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for a Quiet Lifestyle

I'm moving unexpectedly due to a poor experience in my previous apartment. The manager feels it would be a better fit for my quiet lifestyle. Question: I desire peace, tranquility and an ambiance of water. I love citrus smells too. What feng shui suggestions do you have for a small apartment, family of 4 (3 kids & myself)?

Trina S., Las Vegas, NV

Hi Trina,

Thanks so much for your question. I’m so sorry that you had such a poor experience in your home that you need to move. I hope your new place does fit your quiet lifestyle better. 

I find that so many of us seek peace and tranquility. I can’t tell you how many clients come to me, and they just want a relaxing home. You’ve also indicated you are attracted to water, which is related to dark colors (think black and very dark blue) as well as the Path in Life area on the feng shui bagua. It's also associated with fluidity, wisdom and intelligence. It's good news that you love citrus smells! In feng shui philosophy, oranges can welcome positive, life-affirming energy. Physiologically, oranges also help relieve depression and improve mood. Check out our orange peel ritual for space clearing that's perfect for the brand new lunar year!

I don’t have your floor plan, but you wrote that you’re searching for quiet. I can offer some general tips based on my intuition and what you have shared. If you love the ambiance of water, perhaps include a water element in your living room. The sound is soothing and brings water energy. Water elements, like fountains, can welcome wealth if you direct the water current towards inside or the center of your home (rather than out the door). As mentioned above, oranges are also are a great way to bring in life energy. We have some space clearing techniques on the blog or our orange Happy spray that is especially good for new homes. It’s also good to periodically clear the space no matter how long you’ve lived in your home. 

Most importantly, because you have three kids, please review the commanding position and bed locations. If possible, try to locate each child's bed in the commanding position. This position is diagonal, or kitty corner, from the door with a clear view of what is entering. The commanding position is especially important for children. If you have bunk beds for the kids, and this is all you have space for, be sure to stay tuned for a future post. We'll talk more about that. But they're not ideal for kid's feng shui. You can read more about designing a kids' room with feng shui here

I hope these help! Send us your floor plan sometime, and we may be able to offer some more specific tips.

by Anjie Cho 

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