One Day Refresh: Breathe New Life into Your Space

When was the last time your space got a makeover? Perhaps you’re longing for a new look, but lack the time to create and implement a complete overhaul of your room(s). Take a deep breath and listen to this. You can update any room in your home in a single day with these tips. 

Paint an accent wall.

Painting a full room takes time. There’s identifying a color you can live with, taping off the trim, coat one, coat two. You get the idea. Painting an accent wall, however, can be relatively quick and painless. Pick one wall you want to highlight. Look at your existing décor for the right pop of color to complement your primary wall hue. What colors show up often in your accessories? Use your favorite as a guide for your accent wall color. 

Add a rug.

Another easy update lies just beneath your feet: your floor. Whether you’ve got hardwood floors or wall to wall carpet, adding an area rug can update the look and feel of your space. Even changing out a rug that’s already there for something new will refresh the room. Here’s a hint: placing an area rug down and arranging your furniture around it can delineate a seating space. Or you can define a cozy reading nook in a corner of your room. Remember, the rug’s texture, color, and pattern can also help create a mood for the space.

Update your lighting.

How about a simple, often overlooked change that can yield dramatic results? Updating your light fixtures can be impactful! Something as simple as changing the light bulb to one with a soft, warmer glow can influence the ambiance of your room. Swapping out the lampshades on your existing fixtures can change the entire look and feel, too. If you really want to step things up, invest in a can of spray paint to bring a new look to your old lamp base. Or shop for a brand new, fabulous fixture that can be the centerpiece of the room.

Change up your accessories.

Odds are you’ve already thought about trading out your throw pillows and other accent pieces. You may even have considered updating your window treatments (great ideas, by the way!). Don’t overlook the difference that updating smaller accessories can make too. Pick up new drawer pulls to change up your dresser and end tables. Swap out door knobs and light switch/outlet plates for something new. In the bathroom, a new soap tray and toothbrush holder can be a good start. Changing up the towel rack (and the towels that hang on it!) can alter the room.

Pay attention to the details of your space and change what you can. All those little bits add up to dramatic impact!

by Anjie Cho Video: Ideas For Painting Flat & Imperfect Walls

Ideas For Painting Flat & Imperfect Walls

Ideas For Painting Flat & Imperfect Walls

The type of paint as well as the treatment of the wall can greatly improve any wall imperfections!

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Video Transcript

I'm Anjie Cho, and these are some ideas for painting flat and imperfect walls.

Imperfections and blemishes on your walls can definitely be an eye sore, but there are ways that you can improve the appearance of paints. The finish of the paint, as well as the treatment of the walls before you paint, are very important.

Before you start, make sure to fill the imperfections with Spackle, like so. You can get Spackle along with a putty knife at any hardware store. Let it dry, then make sure to sand the surface smooth with sandpaper.

Second, the type of paint is very important. Matte or flat finish paints will hide the imperfections the most effectively because they are not as reflective as egg shell, semi-gloss or glossy finishes. The more reflective the paint, the more it will accentuate the imperfections, 'cause the light will hit, will reflect off the uneven surfaces. I'm painting here with the zero VOC eco-friendly paint, which I recommend for a non-toxic holistic home.

Preparing the wall with Spackle and using a flat or matte finish paint is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of your flat and imperfect walls.

by Anjie Cho