Feng Shui for Weight Loss

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Feng shui can help with a wide range of problems and concerns, but there are some questions that are more popular than others when it comes to feng shui consultations. Along with feng shui for more abundance and feng shui for love, I often get asked how to utilize feng shui in weight loss. Though there is no magic solution, there are a few ways to update your space to encourage shedding a few pounds!

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

Nancy Guberti, a good friend of mine and nutritionist, recently sent me a study conducted on the effect of messy kitchens on caloric intake. The study showed that when women were asked to wait in a cluttered kitchen and presented with the exact same snack options as those in a neat kitchen (carrots, cookies, crackers), those in the cluttered kitchens consumed more cookies and calories. This makes complete sense in terms of feng shui. When your space is cluttered, it's easy to feel out of control and react by seeking comfort, which people often find in food. Instead, keep your kitchen organized, your countertops clean and everything in its place, and see if you find yourself spending less time snacking!

Declutter Your Closet

Another place clutter tends to build up is in our closets. Many of us tend to hold onto certain pieces of clothing for whatever reason, often because we see them as "weight goals", but in feng shui, keeping these clothes in your space can actually do more harm than good. Holding onto clothes that no longer fit can actually translate as holding onto weight. If you instead let those pieces go, you actually metaphorically let go of some of that weight!

Get Enough Sleep!

This aspect of weight loss tends to be overlooked, but it's very important to get enough sleep if you want to be successful here. Of course, sleep is important anyway, but slacking on it can result in your stress levels rising, which in turn leads to overeating and poor impulse control. It's hard to say no to those annoying cravings if you're exhausted! The first step here is making sure you're getting to bed on time, but there are also feng shui factors that can improve the quality of your sleep, which is just as important as how much time you're in bed. Most importantly, make sure your bed is in the commanding position! The commanding position is one of the most important concepts in feng shui, because sleeping, sitting, eating and cooking out of command can build low levels of stress over long periods of time, and it adds up! If you can't move your bed into the commanding position, use a feng shui mirror adjustment

Another way to improve the quality of your sleep is to ensure that you keep electronic devices either out of the room or at least five feet away. Anything that needs to be plugged in gives off EMFs, which can also result in low levels of stress over time in addition to other symptoms like fatigue, headaches, nausea and more! It's a good idea to move books out of your sleeping space as well, if possible, as they can be too active for a bedroom. 

There is no magic feng shui cure for weight loss, but if you are willing to do the mundane and take the time to make your space welcoming and nourishing, you may well see surprising results just from clearing negative energy and practicing self-care!

by Anjie Cho