Third Semiannual EcoBizNYC Grant Awards Ceremony


The small business sustainability program that I run for the Lower East Side Ecology Center is awarding grants to 11 businesses on Thursday, April 26th at Lina Frey at 201 East Houston Street,  New York, NY.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lower East Side Ecology Center’s EcoBizNYC program will award grants to eleven Lower East Side businesses to help make their daily operations more sustainable. Businesses were chosen to receive the
grants based on specific goals of furthering their sustainable business practices and grants will be used toward awnings and window treatments, insulated storefront windows, a tree guard, energy efficient water heaters, LED lighting, an energy efficient air conditioner, and plants for indoor and outdoor spaces.

EcoBizNYC will award sustainability grants to Arena Salon, Brown Café, East Yoga, Gaia, Grey Era Vintage, Home Espresso Bar, Lina Frey, Participant Inc, The Source Unltd, Studio Mohair, and Sugar Sweet Sunshine. In 2011, eighteen other businesses were awarded grants.

EcoBizNYC, a program of the Lower East Side Ecology Center, provides small businesses with lighting and water assessments, sustainability recommendations, and grants to improve energy efficiency, reduce
emissions, and lower operating costs. On average, businesses enrolled in the program have saved $1,170 on their energy bills. These improvements to small businesses not only save business owners money
but eliminate 231,000 pounds of CO2 annually (the equivalent of taking 20 cars off of the road).

"The EcoBizNYC program is making amazing strides with small businesses, whether those changes are small or large," said Program Manager Anjie Cho.  "Each shift creates awareness and a real connection between the environment and our day to day actions, bringing us closer to a sustainable NYC."

“It is inspiring to see the changes happening as more businesses join the program,” said Program Manager Rebecca Krauss. “Whether the changes are made to their energy, waste, water, or cleaning practices, these business owners are more conscious about their environmental impact.”

EcoBizNYC currently includes over 125 businesses and is free for businesses in Community Board 3, including the East Village and Lower East Side. To find out more about EcoBizNYC or to enroll your business, go to

Funding for the EcoBizNYC program is generously provided by Community Board 3, Con Edison, and HSBC Bank.

by Anjie Cho