Everyday Feng Shui: Simple Tips to Keep Your Apartment Calm and Centered

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Many people would like to integrate feng shui changes into their homes and businesses, but put it off until they can first clean it or until they renovate or right before they move.  But what most people don’t know is that you can embrace feng shui at any time.  It can actually be more helpful to integrate small scale, simple changes into your daily life. Feng shui isn’t just about moving furniture around but rather about physically shifting your environment and supporting  your daily life. Below are 3 simple feng shui tips you can incorporate right now to clear, calm and center you home.

Clean Your Windows

My husband and I cleaned our windows early this summer and afterwards he noted how clearly he could see the world now.  The environment and your perspective become clearer, brighter and more vibrant.  In feng shui, windows represent the eyes of the inhabitants of a home. Dirty and cloudy windows represent a lack of clarity in your life.  Improve your outlook by maintaining clean windows. While this is not necessarily an everyday occurrence, this tip makes a huge impact and your windows should be maintained on a regular basis.  It’s also important to use non-toxic cleaners such as vinegar and water to clean the windows.  Not only is a vinegar-water solution superb at cleaning glass, it keeps the indoor air free of toxins.  I like a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 1 part water, mixed in a spray bottle with 9 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Be sure to shake the bottle before use.

Rotate Your Stove Burners

What’s your favorite burner on your stove?  Mine is located front, right.  In feng shui, your stove represents nourishment, as well as career, fame and wealth.  This means it is essential to use your stove everyday, even if only to boil water, and to keep it very clean and in working order.  All the burners should work properly and wipe down the stove on a daily basis.   So what does this have to do with your favorite burner?  Next time you use your stove, try using a different burner to expand your opportunities for success in career, fame and wealth.  Instead of mindlessly using the same “favorite” burner, intentionally make an effort towards something new every day.

Use your Dining Table

Sadly, nowadays dining tables tend to be used for everything but dining.  If possible, it is important to take some time each day to eat mindfully at your dining table.  The dining table symbolizes a space to nourish and feed the body, especially with family and friends.  Using it on a daily basis prevents it from collecting dust and clutter, and allows you to take some time to nurture yourself.  Since space is often at a minimum, a dining table is often a daytime desk or perhaps non-existent.  If used as a desk, be sure to put away the “work” while you eat.  If non-existent, create a small space somewhere that’s dedicated to eating one meal.  Perhaps clear off the coffee table, keep the TV off, and find a beautiful placemat and dish to serve yourself your meal of choice.

I challenge you to incorporate these three simple everyday tips to provide some clarity, calmness and centeredness in your home and life.

by Anjie Cho