Q&A Sunday: Does My Feng Shui Need Updates?


Is feng shui something that you set up once for a given room, and then you are good for life?  Or is it something that changes with life events or the seasons? 

Jacob G., Washington D.C.

As with most things in life, my teachers always taught me that “it depends!" So there is more than one answer to this question.  In BTB Feng Shui, my teachers have taught me that it only takes one feng shui adjustment to transform your entire life. In fact, it’s considered unfavorable to ask for too many feng shui adjustments, because it means that you don’t trust the method that you were already given. My teachers described this as acting like a “hungry ghost," always wanting more, like an addiction. Rather than do too many adjustments, it is more important to do one thing well, and fully and mindfully put your energy into that. 

So, theoretically yes, if you set up your home authentically and appropriately according to feng shui principles it’s possible to be “set” for the rest of your life. But unfortunately, most of us (myself included) have subconscious blocks that we are not aware of that hinder us from truly changing our lives. In this case you can imagine a huge tangled knot. In order to unravel things, you need to undo one small knot at a time. Sometimes one amazing shift informs another positive step forward. And on the other hand, we are not static creatures but change all the time like the seasons in nature. I have clients who have me consult for them every season, as their lives shift and change and they adapt to the new and wonderful opportunities that feng shui has presented to them. Situations like this are not about being a “hungry ghost," but rather they are going with what life presents to them and doing what they can to harness the positive chi (life energy) and make the most nurturing and productive environment to achieve all their life goals.

by Anjie Cho

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