The Chinese Zodiac for 2013: Year of the Water Snake


Someone asked me a few days ago, how astrology and numerology factor into my architecture and interior design. I believe that nature follows patterns, for example the Golden Ratio.  Likewise, our lives and experiences follow patterns.  Analyzing my clients' astrology and numerology gives me some insight and awareness as to which of the Chinese Five Elements best supports them.

I know that Chinese New Year was a few months ago...But I was going through my notebook and saw my notes from a lecture I attended in January.  Yasha Jampolsky is a talented Four Pillars Astrologer and I've shared some of his suggestions for each animal in the 2013 Year of the Water Snake.  You should definitely contact him if you'd like an in-depth Chinese Zodiac analysis.  He focuses on the animal archetypes.

Yasha reminded us that the Snake year quietly appears, as opposed to the last year.  The Dragon year of 2012 was palpable, loud and aggressive.  In contrast, the Snake year of 2013 is about wisdom, and looking at the broader lessons with spiritual focus and intelligence.  Try to understand everyone and focus on meditation.



02/18/1912-02/05/1913;  02/05/1924-01/23/1925;  01/24/1936-02/10/1937
02/10/1948-01/28/1949;  01/28/1960-02/14/1961;  02/15/1972-02/02/1973 
02/02/1984-02/19/1985;  02/19/1996-02/06/1997;  02/06/2008-01/25/2009

The Rat is a very clever and charming archetype.  In Chinese culture, Rats are incredibly smart and crafty.  They are experts at adaption and innovation.  At the same time, Rats can be manipulative and self-serving. 

Rats are in harmony with Dragons and Monkeys.  The Ox is their best friend.

For 2013:  The Rat is a favorable match with the Snake.  Both are very clever animals.  Yasha recommends to de-clutter and clear (as rats tend to hoard).  But otherwise it shall be a positive year.



02/06/1913-01/25/1914;   01/24/1925-02/12/1926;   02/11/1937-01/30/1938
01/29/1949-02/16/1950;   02/15/1961-02/04/1962;   02/03/1973-01/22/1974 
02/20/1985-02/08/1986;   02/07/1997-01/27/1998;   01/26/2009-02/13/2010

The Ox is dependable, patient and steadfast.  When there's an Ox around, you don't need to worry. They will take care of things, and truly seek to support those around them.  Oxen are hard workers, sometimes to a fault. Take care to not let others take advantage of you. 

Oxen are in harmony with Roosters and Snakes.  The Rat is their best friend.

For 2013:  The Ox (with the Rooster) form a harmony with the snake, the three harmonies of metal.  Oxen will have a pleasant year in contrast to the possibly traumatic Dragon year in 2012.  Oxen love their work, and this year can be one of progress towards achieving a goal.



01/26/1914-02/13/1915;   02/13/1926-02/01/1927;   01/31/1938-02/18/1939
02/17/1950-02/05/1951;   02/05/1962-01/24/1963;   01/23/1974-02/10/1975 
02/09/1986-01/28/1987;   01/28/1998-02/15/1999;   02/14/2010-02/02/2011

Tigers are a passionate archetype in the Chinese zodiac.  They are aggressive and strong, not afraid to fight.  The Tiger is a powerful and focused animal, but does tend to make rash decisions. 

Tigers are in harmony with Horses and Dogs.  The Pig is their best friend.

For 2013:  There is an “irritant relationship” between the Tiger and the Snake, so this might prove a challenging year.  Yasha suggests the Tiger look at this like a positive force that puts you into action.  If you are willing to align with the Snake by being more patient, relaxed and meditative, this can be a good year.



02/14/1915-02/02/1916;   02/02/1927-01/22/1928;   02/19/1939-02/08/1940
02/06/1951-01/26/1952;   01/25/1963-02/12/1964;   02/11/1975-01/30/1976 
01/29/1987-02/16/1988;   02/16/1999-02/04/2000;   02/03/2011-01/22/2012

Rabbits are very sensitive and sincere animals. They are thoughtful and kind to their friends.  In turn, their friends provide much security for them.

Rabbits are in harmony with Rams and Pigs.  The Dog is their best friend.

For 2013:  Snake and Rabbit share refined, gentle and subtle natures.  This year is good for studies and improvements in work and career, as well as social interaction.



02/03/1916-01/22/1917;   01/23/1928-02/09/1929;   02/09/1940-01/26/1941
01/27/1952-02/13/1953;   02/13/1964-02/01/1965;   01/31/1976-02/17/1977 
02/17/1988-02/05/1989;   02/05/2000-01/23/2001;   01/23/2012-02/09/2013

Dragons are rather energetic and egocentric animals.  They represent an aggressive energy.  But they also represent luck and auspiciousness in Chinese philosophy.  Dragons will always help those in need.

Dragons are in harmony with Rats and Monkeys.  The Rooster is their best friend.

For 2013:  Last year the Dragon had some challenges, but hopefully they developed a greater sensitivity, as they can be insensitive to others.  Dragons will find relief in this Snake year.  Dragon is in kinship with the snake.



01/23/1917-02/10/1918;   02/10/1929-01/29/1930;   01/27/1941-02/14/1942
02/14/1953-02/02/1954;   02/02/1965-01/20/1966;   02/18/1977-02/06/1978 
02/06/1989-01/26/1990;   01/24/2001-02/11/2002;   02/10/2013-01/30/2014

Snakes are the companion to Dragons, often called the "little dragon".  But Snakes are more subtle and contemplative than the aggressive Dragon.  They are smart and sometimes can be scandalous.

Snakes are in harmony with Oxen and Roosters.  The Monkey is their best friend.

For 2013:  Snakes should make themselves available for people that approach them for their counsel.  Snakes appreciate their privacy and can be reclusive, but this is not the time to hide or retreat. Instead, be around people and be out in the world so you can accomplish your goals.



02/11/1918-01/31/1919;   01/30/1930-02/16/1931;   02/15/1942-02/04/1943
02/03/1954-01/23/1955;   01/21/1966-02/08/1967;   02/07/1978-01/27/1979 
01/27/1990-02/14/1991;   02/12/2002-01/31/2003;   01/31/2014-02/18/2015

Horses are friendly animals, they love to talk and socialize with their associates.  They have a cheerful outlook and are often sporty.

Horses are in harmony with Tigers and Dogs.  The Ram is their best friend.

For 2013:  Be sure to take time to smell the roses and fully integrate your experiences.  Horses have the tendency to keep going without taking the time to enjoy things.  It’s also better to stay close to home.




02/01/1919-02/19/1920;   02/17/1931-02/05/1932;   02/05/1943-01/24/1944 
01/24/1955-02/11/1956;   02/09/1967-01/29/1968;   01/28/1979-02/15/1980 
02/15/1991-02/03/1992;   02/01/2003-01/21/2004;   02/19/2015-02/07/2016

Rams are known for their selflessness and affection.  They trust and prefer to follow than lead.  Therefore, Rams are best when in the company of friends.

Rams are in harmony with Rabbits and Pigs.  The Horse is their best friend.

For 2013:  Dragon year was possibly intense and rough for the Ram.  They prefer it quieter and slower. The Snake year will be beneficial for the Ram, especially in regard to social activities.



02/20/1920-02/07/1921;    02/06/1932-01/25/1933;   01/25/1944-02/12/1945
02/12/1956-01/30/1957;    01/30/1968-02/16/1969;   02/16/1980-02/04/1981 
02/04/1992-01/22/1993;    01/22/2004-02/08/2005;   02/08/2016-01/27/2017

Monkeys are playful and clever animals.  They can maneuver their way through most situations.  Monkeys often get frustrated when they are not taken seriously.

Monkeys are in harmony with Rats and Dragons.  The Snake is their best friend.

For 2013:  Monkey and Snake form a strong alignment, we say they’re best friends in the zodiac.  Monkeys will do very well in the Snake year.  Playful Monkeys get easily distracted and tend to choose the indirect route. This year Yasha suggests you be direct and focused this year, while avoiding snap decisions.



02/08/1921-01/27/1922;   01/26/1933-02/13/1934;   02/13/1945-02/01/1946
01/31/1957-02/17/1958;   02/17/1969-02/05/1970;   02/05/1981-01/24/1982 
01/23/1993-02/09/1994;   02/09/2005-01/28/2006;   01/28/2017-02/15/2018

Roosters are showy and flamboyant.  They love to show off their feathers and strut their stuff!  Sometimes they can border on abrasiveness, because of their egos.

Roosters are in harmony with Oxen and Snakes.  The Dragon is their best friend.

For 2013:  In harmony with the Snake and Ox, it’s going to be a good year for the Rooster.  Last year was also a great year, as the Rooster is best friends with the Dragon.  This year the Rooster will feel things lighten up in regard to complicated issues.



01/28/1922-02/15/1923;   02/14/1934-02/03/1935;   02/02/1946-01/21/1947
02/18/1958-02/07/1959;   02/06/1970-01/26/1971;   01/25/1982-02/12/1983 
02/10/1994-01/30/1995;   01/29/2006-02/17/2007;   02/16/2018-02/04/2019

Dogs are the most loyal and honest of the animals.  They are humorous and straightforward.  They are likeable and often hard workers.

Dogs are in harmony with Tigers and Horses.  The Rabbit is their best friend.

For 2013:  The Dragon year was unfavorable for the Dog, full of challenging and dissimilar energies. This year the Dog will feel some relief.  Be sure to align with the Snake year and cultivate your spiritual side. Meditation would be particularly helpful.



02/16/1923-02/04/1924;   02/04/1935-01/23/1936;   01/22/1947-02/09/1948
02/08/1959-01/27/1960;   01/27/1971-02/24/1972;   02/13/1983-02/01/1984 
01/31/1995-02/18/1996;   02/18/2007-02/06/2008;   02/05/2019-01/24/2020

Pigs represent comfort and sometimes overindulgence in the Chinese zodiac.  They are often diplomatic and easy going.  Pigs are generous and trusting.  They are especially fond of pleasure. 

Pigs are in harmony with Rabbits and Rams.  The Tiger is their best friend.

For 2013:  The Pig’s indulgent energy clashes with the Snake’s self-aware power this year.  Yasha suggests that the Pig look at how they can be more involved in the social order to align with the Snake.  In BTB Feng Shui, we also recommend Pigs to carry with them a three dimensional Monkey charm on their body at all times for protection.

by Anjie Cho

Yasha Jampolsky is a nationally recognized advisor, author and teacher of the Asian Art of Four Pillars. He has appeared on national Radio and Television and has been a contributing writer for local and national publications. His research and innovations have made Four Pillars more accessible to students and clients alike and allowed the possibility to use four Pillars as a powerful modern healing modality.

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