Bring in Some Wood Element into Your Holistic Space



This weekend I attended the Architectural Digest Home Show.  There were hundreds of exhibitors at Pier 94 in New York City. 

The most exciting thing I saw was the vertical landscapes in the Miele exhibit by EcoWalls.  I immediately gravitated toward this exhibit.  Imean Miele is wonderful, they have the best appliances.  I even splurged on my own Miele dishwasher.  But the vertical landscapes were just beautiful.  My client and I walked over and I gently touched the plants to see if they were real.  And they were!  I went straight for the rosemary, one of my absolute favorite herbs.  It can be a challenge to grow.  The scent is so earthy, and said to help with stress.  If I ever see fresh rosemary, nothing can stop me from rubbing the leaves.  It would be amazing to have a herb garden like this in my home!

I'm thrilled to start using some of these Green walls on my projects, both residential and commercial.  In Feng Shui, plants can be used to balance the five elements (adding more Wood) and also bring more life energy into your space.  I can't wait to learn more about EcoWalls!

by Anjie Cho