Simple Feng Shui Tips When Selling Your Home

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There are so many factors influencing the sale of a home, many of which are unique to New York City.  Below are some simple feng shui considerations to create subtle shifts in your space, to maximize your selling potential!

Your Entry Door

Within a few seconds of walking in to an apartment, potential buyers often generate lasting first impressions.  Repaint or clean your entry door and make sure that the doorbell, buzzer and all door hardware are in working condition.  Oil any squeaky hinges.  Also clean or replace the number on the door.  In feng shui, all these factors influence and attract more prospective and potential buyers.  This ensures that people can find you!

Light up the Entry

Replace all light bulbs and de-clutter the entry and foyer.  It’s important to have new light bulbs, so replace any bulbs that are more than 9 months old.  Remove anything unnecessary or personal from the entrance, such as photographs, shoes or storage units.   Keep the foyer as open, spacious and well lit as possible.  An illuminated entrance ensures your home will generate a strong first impression.  Remember, buyers make much of their decision within the first few moments of walking in.  In feng shui, this will create more positive opportunities for you to sell.


Even if you’re not yet ready to move, start packing up.   Focus especially on your family photos and very personal items.  If possible, move these items out of the home.  First, this allows you to start to detach from the home.  Second, it allows for and encourages the future owner to engage their personal energy into the space, so they can visualize this as their new home.  You can add plants, mirrors and lighting to replace the personal items.  Plants are great for positive energy in Feng Shui.

Clean the Windows

Windows represent the eyes and mouths of the inhabitants in the home.  Thoroughly clean all the windows and move any objects that may be blocking the light and view.  Be sure to clean both inside and outside of the windows if possible.  Clean windows can create an amazing transformation of the space. In feng shui, the windows should be clear and open, so the future owners can feel seen and heard as well as nourished.

Clear the Energy

It’s vital to clear the space of any stagnant energy.  This type of energy may prevent a home from selling because it produces negative and uncomfortable impressions.  Periodically, open all the windows in the home for a minimum of 9 minutes.  Before any showings, spray orange essential oil all around your space to transform the space with vibrant life energy.  In feng shui, oranges and orange peels contribute positive, fresh and brightening energy to our inner and outer environment.  Orange essential oil spray is easy to find at the store (including Holistic Spaces!), or you can make your own using water and a few drops of essential oil.

by Anjie Cho