Ways to Save Energy for Earth Day!

In honor of Earth day...which is this Tuesday, April 22nd, I’d like to share 5 simple ways to reduce energy consumption in order to save money and save our precious natural resources.

Turn off lights when not in use!

There’s no reason to have a light on in every room or when you’re not even home. This is, by far, the easiest way to reduce energy consumption.

Switch to LED or CFL bulbs

Switch to energy efficient lighting for the times you do need light. There are easy-to-find and inexpensive alternatives to incandescent bulbs, and the technology for CFLS (compact fluorescents) and LED (light emitting diodes) has vastly improved. Just be sure to look for warm or soft white colored bulbs (2700-3000K).

Avoid Vampire Power

Use power strips, and turn them off when not in use. A lot of electronics, especially those with any sort of “standby” light continue to draw energy although they appear to be off. If you plug them into a power strip and then turn off the strip you can ensure they will no longer draw “vampire power” as it is termed when appliances in the “off” position continue to use small amounts of electricity. This may be helpful for appliances, printers, DVD players and other peripheral devices including televisions and gaming systems. On average, 40% of electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off but still plugged in.

Adjust your thermostat

Check with your local utility company, to see if they offer free programmable thermostats. Keep the temperature moderate, for instance the AC should stay at 78 or medium. Even going up or down a couple of degrees can make a huge difference. Be sure to weatherize properly as well.


Finally, unplug your cell phone and laptop chargers. Like other appliances, they use energy even when the electronic item is not being charged!  

Reducing energy consumption is an important part of saving the planet we reside on. Many people are unaware that they, as individuals, can make a difference, but changing the world can be easy by using these 5 simple tips, one at a time.

by Anjie Cho