Residency New York: Winter Greening

featured in the Winter 2014 issue of Residency New York this month:  Sales in the City by Kelly Kreth

How to Prepare your Home for the Change in Season:  Winter Greening

by Kelly Kreth

According to Anjie Cho, architect and feng shui interior designer, one should pay close attention to respecting the environment and conserving energy (and money), even before aesthetics.  She suggests removing your air conditioner because air infiltrates through its vents; if it is impossible to remove it or if storage is a big problem, fit the vent with a fabric cover that can easily be found in a hardware store.  Do not use plastic, as it is not breathable and may cause condensation, which can damage your appliance.

"Heavy drapes will also help to keep the cold air out and heat in," Cho advises.  "Weather sealing on doors or getting a door sweep (or even putting a heavy towel at the bottom of the door) will block the gap, preventing cold air from getting in."

"Don't forget about your foliage!" Cho adds.  As it gets colder it is a good time to move plants from window sills or outdoor spaces.  "The extreme difference between temperatures can kill your house plants.  Instead, move greenery a foot or two from the sills or doors, or get an indoor grow light set on a timer for the colder months."

by Anjie Cho