How To Feng Shui Your Home Like A New Yorker

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Even New Yorkers need some feng shui in their homes!  Feng shui can improve and provide relief from our fast-paced lifestyles, even in the tiniest of apartments.  Here are my simple tips so you can create a supportive and nurturing nest in the big city.

1.      The Buzzer

Let’s start with your door buzzer.  I’m talking about the buzzer downstairs at street level.  If you’re lucky to have one, make sure it’s working properly and your name is clearly labeled.  A doorman is a good substitution.  This represents how your opportunities will find you from the outside world.  If you have a broken buzzer, repair it. What if you don’t have a buzzer?  See if you can get one installed.  If that’s not possible, then unfortunately you’ll just have to work a little harder than everyone else to attract the best energy to you.

2.      Your Apartment Door

Now let’s look at the door to your actual apartment. This doorbell should also be in working order.  Other things to check:  apartment door number and doorknob.  Are they in clean, straight and in working order?  Take some time and clean the outside of your door.  A clean apartment door not only invites positive energy, it makes your homecoming more pleasant. full article

by Anjie Cho