Feng Shui Your Way to Good Health

featured this week on Examiner by Cheryl S. Grant

image credit:   freeimages.com via   examiner.com

image credit: freeimages.com via examiner.com

Stress sadly plays a great role in most of our days. From getting up in the morning and getting yourself out for the day to dealing with financial woes. We all feel under the gun to do more, make more, and be more. Sadly, most of us don't recognize that this constant state of fear is wreaking havoc on our bodies' ability to fight off things as simple as the common cold. Many studies have found that it even weakens our immune system. 

With winter being the time of year when we become most susceptible to getting the flu, finding ways to stay peaceful is a good way to stay healthy.

A good practice that can help to bring about some peace in your life is to have the proper environment set up in your home. Things such as furniture placement or picking calming wall color choices can bring about a sense of calm.

Anjie Cho a holistic interior architect and expert in the field of feng shui believes that the command position is an extremely important concept in feng shui that promotes positive energy flow. It provides an advantage that allows you to what life brings you so that you can move forward with your eyes open.

Ideally one would place their bed, desk and stove so that the door is always visible. You want the entire room to be visible. You shouldn't be directly in front of the door but rather across the room diagonally from the door.

This positioning puts your entire room within your vision. When you ensure that furniture follows this pattern you will reduce ongoing stress that can be so harmful and produces, instead oxytocin, the hormone that is responsible for us feeling good and positive, says Cho.

Now just add some beautiful sedate shades of green throughout your casa and change your outlook daily.