Declutter Your Way to Feng Shui

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Incorporating aspects of the Chinese feng shui philosophy at home has become increasingly popular in the West to help us relax and feel more in control of our busy lives. While the practice of channeling energy flows may seem like hocus pocus to some, the more practical benefits of minimizing clutter to reduce stress and negativity is something everyone could use, especially during the busy holiday season!

We turned to feng shui specialist, architect and interior designer Anjie Cho of Holistic Spaces for a quick introductory guide to help you get started with incorporating some basic ideas into your living space. Even the photos of her feng shui home featured here are relaxing!

Anjie said a simple way to start with feng shui is to declutter, because feng shui is all about allowing positive energy to flow through a space. “If you have so much clutter and 'stuff' in your environment, it can begin to hold you back and also create a sense of stress,” Anjie says. “Although not everyone is consciously aware of it, it does affect you. Like a stone that has water dripping on it lightly for years, clutter begins to wear you down." full article

by Anjie Cho