Happy New Year from Holistic Spaces!

WOW, I seriously cannot believe how fast this year went. I am glad that the year of the Horse is coming to an end…it was great but very fast and busy. Just like a horse, the energy came galloping in and it is finally slowing down a bit now. I love that I can celebrate New Year's twice each year. First for the western calendar on January 1st, then for the Lunar Chinese New Year (more on that in the next few weeks!)

The January 1st new year is what most of us are familiar with here in the west. Traditionally, we make a list of “new years resolutions." Some may argue that resolutions are not effective, as many fail to make it past a couple of weeks. But it doesn’t have to be that way! I believe the new year is a great time to set an intention and stick to it. I’ll even give you some feng shui tips to provide support.

If you take a look at the feng shui bagua map to the left, please take note of the green and white boxes, New Beginnings and Completion. These areas of the bagua relate to how you start and end projects, tasks and even your New Year's resolutions in your life. Some of us have a challenging time with starting and ending our New Year's list, so activating these areas in your bedroom can give you that extra help you need.

How do you activate your New Beginnings and Completion areas? First, make sure you can locate the areas correctly in your bedroom. Stand in the doorway of your bedroom and face inside. The middle left is New Beginnings; the middle right area is Completion. See here for more info on the feng shui bagua map. (Note: if your bedroom is not square or rectangular, this is more complicated, and you’ll need special guidance.)

Once you’ve located the correct areas, you can take a piece of red paper with your list of resolutions and place it in the New Beginnings area. This will help you to start taking action on your resolutions. Then take another red paper and write a corresponding list of where you will be, or how you will feel, after you’ve achieved these resolutions. This will support your ability to reach the completion for each item. Keep your list to only three things. Select only the most important things, but not necessarily the easiest!

What is on my list?

  • A more consistent morning meditation practice
  • Cook a healthy meal for me and the hubby, once a week
  • Do something FUN every day!

What's on YOUR list?

by Anjie Cho