Video: How To Upgrade To Cheap & Efficient Lighting In The Home

How To Upgrade To Cheap & Efficient Lighting In The Home

How To Upgrade To Cheap & Efficient Lighting In The Home

It's easy to switch to energy efficient lighting in the home. Save money and our precious natural resources. CFL and LED bulb are great options.

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Video Transcript:

I'm Anjie Cho, and this is how to upgrade to cheap and efficient lighting in the home.

There are various inexpensive, energy-efficient lighting options for your home, and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to go green. The easiest and least expensive way to upgrade to efficient lighting is to replace your incandescent bulbs, like this one, with compact fluorescents or CFL's.

CFL's are becoming more and more common place and affordable. You can find them at your local store for a few dollars. Although, CFL's are a little bit more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they actually last much longer. A good CFL will last approximately 10,000 hours, while an incandescent will only last a thousand hours. And this 13 watt CFL gives off six watts, 60 watts of light. So, in fact you save a lot of energy.

CFL's have a bad rep because they used to give off very blue lights. The technology has improved so much now, that you can get a warmer colored temperature that's flattering and comforting to have in your home. Make sure you get warm or soft white bulbs. They also have bulbs that don't look squiggly like this one. You can get one with a dome like this one. Just screw the bulbs into your regular fixture and you're all done.

Energy efficient lighting doesn't have to be expensive and better yet, the upgrades will pay for themselves quickly. As you see savings on your utility bills when switching to eco-friendly in your home.

by Anjie Cho