Video: How To Keep Picture Frames Hanging Straight

How To Keep Picture Frames Hanging Straight

How To Keep Picture Frames Hanging Straight

Did you know in feng shui, crooked picture frames can represent a home that needs some balancing? 

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Video Transcript

I'm Anjie Cho, and this is how to keep picture frames hanging straight.

A crooked picture frame can make even the most beautiful piece of art or stylish room look unkempt and in disarray. In feng shui, this can represent a lopsided home or household. It's easy to keep your picture frames hanging straight with a few tools and tips.

You will need a level, as well as appropriate nails or screws for the weight of the frame and for your type of wall. We have drywall here with a fairly light picture frame so I have some small nails and a hammer. You also need some self adhesive felt pads. The self adhesive felt pads can be found at the local hardware store.

Be sure to locate your nail in the correct position using a measuring tape and level to determine the right place. Put the self adhesive felt pads on all four corners of the back of the frame. The pads provide friction between the wall and the picture frame so it won't as easily move. After you have hung up the picture frame, take the level again and make sure it's straight and level.

Keeping your picture frames hanging straight creates an orderly and finished look to any space. Just a few extra steps will keep them hanging straight and looking sharp.

by Anjie Cho