Video: Inspirational Wall Decor

Inspirational Wall Decor

Inspirational Wall Decor

Inspirational Wall Decor is Beneficial, Positive and Easy to D-I-Y

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Video Transcript:

I'm Anjie Cho, and this is how to create inspirational wall decor.

In feng shui, I often suggest that my clients place some inspirational wall decor above their desk or located as one of the first things that you would see when coming into your home. To create your own inspirational wall decor you'll need a few things: a picture frame, your computer, a printer and some unique paper that you like.

First things first, select an inspirational quote of words. I've selected this quote from the writer Joseph Campbell, "Follow Your Bliss". There are websites out there that can help you create a word cloud like this. You can search online for word cloud and find a website that will help you generate one just like this. Select a quote you love or meaningful words to have on your inspirational wall art. Words have great impact on this.

So use your computer, print out your quote of words, put it on a nice paper that you like, open up the back of the frame, pop in the art, use tape if you need to and then you've created your own inspirational wall art.

It's so beneficial and positive to spend the time to make your own inspirational wall decor. Not only will it be personal to you it will motivate you to improve your life.

by Anjie Cho