De-Stress Your Closet: Feng Shui Style

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When I tell my clients to de-clutter their closets, what I’m really saying is “create some space in your life.” Feng shui principles encourage us to peek into those dark closets to begin to shift the energy in our spaces. This releases stale, blocked energy and welcomes in new, vibrant life energy.

As we’re moving into the warmer weather months, this is a great time to de-clutter your closets. I have three feng shui tips to help you to make some space in your closet and consequently, your life.


If they haven’t seen daylight in the last three years, it’s time to donate the clothing, accessories or shoes. Pay special attention to the items that fall into the categories of “does not fit anymore” or “never worn before.” If it doesn’t fit you anymore, whether it’s too small or too big, you’re holding onto blocked energy.

This often translates to holding onto weight. If you really want to release weight, let go of some of the clothing that’s holding you back. Then there are those outfits that looked good on the rack but are still hanging in your closet with price tags. Let them go, too! full article

by Anjie Cho