Natural Crystals and Stones for Healing

Recently, I have been using natural crystals and stones as feng shui energy balancing tools to add positive energy and protect for possible negative influences. But what exactly makes natural crystals so special?

Use of natural crystals for healing and maintaining energy balance is nothing new. In fact, various cultures have been using natural crystals with meditation practices and healing for hundreds of years.

Some prefer to purchase the polished varieties of these various stones, like rose quartz, but these crystals are also powerful in raw form, just harvested from the earth. In choosing raw or polished, I recommend you go on your first instinct. First thought, best thought! 

The formation process of natural crystals is very delicate, requiring a balance of temperature, time, pressure and space. As their growth process requires such specific energy, they are used for metaphysical purposes based on the belief that they carry this energy from deep within the earth as they grow. In fact, each new stone is said to have its own unique energy for this same reason, making purchase or acquisition of these crystals a special, personal process in itself.

In addition to having their own, individual energy, each category of crystals is believed to have a specific purpose in energy attraction. For example, rose quartz is known to attract love, and amethyst quartz is desirable for breaking bad habits or avoiding alcohol abuse. Citrine is a favorite to attract wealth and abundance.

Over the next few months I'll be writing individual blog posts on different types of natural crystals with specific feng shui applications. Let me know if you have anything you're curious about!

by Anjie Cho