Get a happy home with Feng shui

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Feng shui is not just about moving furniture around; it’s really a philosophy that looks at how to design a healthy and positive environment that supports and nurtures you. According to Anjie Cho “Today, I will share with you three simple ways to use feng shui to create a healthy, happy and holistic home."

Add Houseplants

When we talk about creating a holistic home, an important factor to consider is the indoor air quality. Houseplants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and remove harmful chemicals from the air. They also add natural beauty to your home, bringing some nature inside. From the feng shui perspective, green houseplants add the wood element. The wood element brings life, joy, and flexibility into the home. Plants create a softer and more vibrant energy in a home and are healing visually and physically.

Reduce EMFs

In this modern world, we are inundated by dangerous electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation emitted by electronic devices such as Wi-Fi, mobile phones, computers and even the electrical wiring found in your home. EMFs produce stress on the body and cause health problems such as fatigue, headaches, and even nausea.

Orange Essential Oil

Unfortunately, many conventional cleaning products are made up of toxic chemicals. Not only do we breathe in the toxins, the chemicals get absorbed directly into our bloodstream through our skin. One of the easiest ways to make your home more sustainable and healthy is to switch to non-toxic cleaners.

Here is a recipe to make your own feng shui, non-toxic, all purpose cleaner:
You need white vinegar, water and your orange essential oil. In feng shui, oranges and orange peels represent vibrant life, affirming happy energy. On a practical level orange oil disinfects, enhances your mood, and it just smells so good and clean. To make the non- toxic all-purpose cleaner, take one part vinegar to three parts water and add 18 drops of orange essential oil in an empty spray bottle. Then shake it up! This all-purpose solution is great for wiping down counters, windows, glass, bathroom surfaces, floors, etc. As a feng shui plus, the orange scent carries with it vibrant life energy to clear space, and in turn rejuvenates you and your home.

There you have it, a happy home in just 3 easy steps! 

by Anjie Cho