Perks of Apple Cider Vinegar

I'm a huge fan of white vinegar. I use it in almost every non-toxic cleaner I make and also use it to clean my shoes and furniture. It's a very helpful item to have in your holistic home toolbox. But white vinegar isn't the only kind that can be used for various purposes around the home. Check out these holistic hats for apple cider vinegar!

Dandruff Cure

I've yet to meet the person who is a fan of dandruff, but store-bought shampoos, like many popular hygiene products, can include a huge number of chemicals that, while effective on dandruff, may not be so great for the rest of your body. Instead of bringing more toxicity into your home, try mixing equal parts apple cider vinegar and water together in a spray bottle. After shampooing, spray the mixture on your hair, then rinse after about 15 minutes. Twice a week with this all-natural cure is all is takes!

Sunburn Soother

Though we're getting ready to say goodbye to the sun for a while, at least in New York, it will be back, and it will bring its old friend, Sunburn, with it. There may not be anything worse than enduring the pain after spending a little too much time in the sun and not re-applying sunscreen often enough. Trouble putting on clothing? Check. Trouble turning over at night? Check. Excruciating pain at the lightest touch? Check. Using apple cider vinegar at bath time can effectively reduce sunburn symptoms and actually restore the body's pH balance. Just a cup or two is all you need!

Laundry Buddy

Most of us wash our clothing on a regular basis, but sometimes soap and water alone are no match for smelly clothes. Ever pulled your gym clothes from the dryer to find they still smell like yesterday's squats? Have animals who consistently mark "their" territory? Apple cider vinegar to the rescue! Combine one part apple cider vinegar with four parts water for a natural laundry deodorizer. For an average load, 1/2 cup of this mix is enough. 

Vinegar of All Trades

You can even substitute apple cider vinegar for white vinegar in some cases. It works just the same. Try apple cider vinegar as a multi-purpose cleaner, mold-removing agent or coffee-pot scrub. The uses are almost endless! 

Are you already an apple cider vinegar user? What's your favorite non-kitchen use for this miracle substance? If you haven't already tried it out, get to the kitchen, grab a bottle and see what good can come! 

by Anjie Cho