One Good Deed a Day

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. This day reminds me of one of the first feng shui adjustments my mentor, Rosalie Prinzivalli, taught me. This feng shui adjustment is simply to do one good deed a day.

His Holiness Professor Lin Yun is the founder of BTB Feng Shui. I found that so many of his feng shui adjustments were so simple on the surface, but as you start to work through them they become very powerful. The “One Good Deed A Day” adjustment is just that. Rosalie said Professor taught that when times are difficult, we tend to hold things closer to us in fear. For instance, you get laid off from your job. Then you decide to hold on tighter to the money that you have. But holding tighter can restrict energy flow in your life. Instead of tightening our grip on things, it’s beneficial to open up and do good deeds to get the positive energy flowing. If you put good energy out there, it will surely come back to you.

Rosalie challenged me to do one good deed a day for 27 days. 27 is an auspicious number because it is a multiple of nine, and nine is the most auspicious number in feng shui, representing completion and wholeness. Day one, I thought, “Oh this is going to be easy, I do good things all the time!” But then I started to consider, is it a good deed if I would do it anyway? Does it “count?" Then I started to ponder, "Does this mean I need to donate money? What is a good deed anyway?" 

By day 18… I started to realize something. If I did a good deed with intention and purely to do something nice, then it counted! My go-to good deed was to open doors for people. I would literally run to get the door for anyone. But what happened was by opening doors for others, I was opening doors for myself. What a lovely metaphor! 

So on February 17th, I challenge you to start the feng shui adjustment of “One Good Deed A Day” for 27 days… and see what doors you can open in your life!

by Anjie Cho