5 Ways to Attract Wealth with Feng Shui

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Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement, but it’s more than just moving furniture around. It’s a deeply contemplative philosophy and way of life.

Everything in the spaces around us holds energy that influences us. By far the most popular topic in feng shui tends to be, “How does one attract more abundance?”

Below are five feng shui tips to enhance wealth using feng shui techniques:

1. Bring Water into the Home.

People often get very excited about adding a fountain to their homes for feng shui. Water fountains have a soothing sound and can be very calming. In feng shui philosophy, water represents the flow of wealth, therefore a fountain can attract this energy. A fountain is best placed near the entry of a home. We should aim to have the water moving directionally towards the center of the space, rather than back out the door.

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by Anjie Cho