Our 6 Favorite Neutral Colors for Apartment Walls


Painting the walls in your space, no matter how large or small, is one of the easiest ways to make your home more comfortable and personable. I've talked in general about some of the best colors to use in painting living spaces, but let's get a bit more specific on what exact colors work best in holistic spaces. These are my absolute favorite colors for painting walls (and one for ceilings) in any room. 

Benjamin Moore- Super White Flat

I've mentioned this paint and color before, as I find it to be the best option for ceilings. Many people choose to paint their walls with varying colors ranging from calming blues to off-whites and more, but from a feng shui and interior design perspective, it's important to stick to a pure white for ceiling space. Flat finish Super White paint reflects light better than any color, thus giving your space a more open, well-lit quality than other colors. 


Benjamin Moore- White Dove OC-17

White is an excellent color for walls, especially if you make the conscious decision to use white, rather than simply leaving your walls as blank slates, but the bright white color we use on ceilings is not appropriate for walls. Instead of pure white, which can overwhelm the senses, much like a field of fresh snow, opt for a warmer white, like White Dove. This is an excellent option for warm white walls that provide a soothing, rather than harsh and sterile environment. 


Benjamin Moore- Decorator's White PM-3

If you're looking for a slightly cooler tone, try Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White. Where White Dove provides a warm, welcoming white, Decorator's White PM-3 moves toward the cooler end of the light spectrum, offering a more open upbeat shade of white without the overwhelming purity of Super White.


Benjamin Moore- Simply White OC-117

If you've taken a look at these white color options yet, you may have noticed how warm and creamy the White Dove option is. While this is an excellent choice for a relaxing, low-key room, it may be too creamy for some tastes, and that's where Simply White comes in. Still on the warmer end of the color spectrum, Simply White provides a perfect balance between the stark white of Super White and the creamy complexion of White Dove. 


Benjamin Moore- Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60

If you're thinking of going a more colorful direction with your walls, don't worry: white isn't the only option! In fact, one of my absolute favorite neutral tones for wall colors is Benjamin Moore's Mt. Rainier Gray, a beautifully calming combination of light blue and grays that creates a perfectly livable, yet not-so-white shade! 


Farrow and Ball- Ammonite 274

Benjamin Moore isn't the only option for sprucing up walls either. For an elegant option with hints of neither blue nor white, Farrow and Ball has created perfection in the elegant gray shade of Ammonite. Not too bright to overwhelm and not too dark to depress, Ammonite is the ideal color for a living space, bathroom or the like. 


Don't forget, no matter what shade or brand of paint you choose, aim for an eco-friendly, low or zero-VOC option. Not only will this reduce the negative environmental impact regular paints so often have, it will also greatly improve the quality of the indoor air that you and your family breathe on and everyday basis. 

by Anjie Cho