It’s Time to Get Romantic

February is often the month that reminds us we want to feel more romantic in our bedrooms. But don’t worry – this isn’t a Love Advice column. You can actually create feelings of intimacy by following design philosophies.

Here are some easy design and feng shui tips you can use to add the mood of romance to any room in your home:


When people are asked to describe the color of love and passion, most think of red. Red does stimulate the libido by increasing heart rate and breathing, but a lot of red may make you too passionate. A red room can make you feel angry and agitated – not great feelings for igniting romance. So use red sparingly – as accents – in the bedroom.

The most physically soothing color is pink; however, pink is the least preferred color among men. Shades close to pink, like mauve and lavender, are nice compromises that evoke romantic feelings in both women and men. In feng shui, pink also attracts new romantic partners.

Soft blues are very soothing, and because they slow your heart rate, they can help you get a great night’s sleep. Feng shui wise, it is not the most passionate -- rather it's relaxing and healing. Sweet dreams!


Combine luxurious, sensual fabrics in varying, rich textures. Silk, chenille, and linen are romantic choices. Make your bed with high thread-count cotton sheets; a full, down-filled comforter; and loads of fluffy, soft pillows. Cover your windows with full, neutral-colored, sheer fabric panels that appear to be blowing in the breeze.  


Soft lighting is essential for a romantic mood. During the day, your sheer window panels filter the sunlight, creating a warm, intimate glow. In the evenings, use light sources from all directions (remember to add lamps and up-lights, so your room is not only lit from overhead). Turn on side table lamps softened by lampshades, use up-lights near plants or fabrics to create shadows, and put your overhead lights on dimmers. Candles are, of course, great for romance, but be extra careful near your flowing fabric. 

Entice all your senses

Set the perfect romantic mood by taking all of your senses into account. Soft music, sachets of potpourri, fresh flowers, and a large bowl of plump strawberries will all add to a romantic ambience. 

This Valentine’s Day, skip the self-help advice columns. Inject more romance into your bedroom through decorating your environment!

by Anjie Cho