Question of the Month: Year of the Goat charms?

It seems I have quite a handful of Year of the Goat friends which would be normal being that normally we have friends our age, but several of them are 12 years younger than me :) All are wondering about the significance of carrying a horse charm?

Sacha J, New York, NY

Hi Sacha, thanks for your question. It makes perfect sense that you would be friends with many others that are born in the year of the Goat, because goat people tend to hang out with each other! Kind of like a herd!

As far as the significance of the Horse charm in this year of the Goat... the horse is the best friend of the goat. If you look at the Chinese zodiac there are trines (we call them three harmonies) and most ideal relationships (or best friends). The Horse and the Goat have the most ideal relationship and are therefore best friends. 

In the BTB Feng Shui tradition, in any given year, it is auspicious to carry around the best friend of the current year animal. The idea is that the year god is in the hot seat each year. If the year god would want to harm you, it will see you carrying around its best friend (this year the Horse) and will be so enamored by its bestie that it doesn't do you any harm. So it is a protective auspicious charm you should carry on you at all times.

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by Anjie Cho