Too Little. Too Big. Just Right: The Secret to Sizing a Rug for Your Room

The Secret to Sizing a Rug for Your Room.jpg

Adding an area rug is a great way to introduce color and texture to a room. There’s more to the right rug than its style and hue, however. The size you select can impact the overall effect. Going too small can make the room look awkwardly chopped up. On the other hand, choosing a rug that is too large may actually make the room appear smaller and cramped. Try these tips to find a rug that’s just right.

Watch the legs

Defining a seating area? The rug you select should be large enough to fit under the furniture. Whether you opt to place all four legs of each sofa on a rug or just the front legs depends on the space you’re working with, the room layout, and your personal preference. 

Beneath your feet

In a bedroom, the rug should be large enough that you can feel it under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning. Look for a rug that will extend about 12-18 inches minimum around three sides of your bed. To achieve this in most rooms, the rug should be large enough to fit about 2/3 of the way under the bed with at least 12 inches extending beyond the foot and each side. If you’re working with a bed up against a wall, a rug placed along the open side of the bed will work well. 

All in 

Not only should your table fit on a dining room area rug, so should the chairs. The rug in this space should be large enough that all four legs of each dining room chair remain on the rug even when someone is sitting on them. To achieve this, look for a rug that is at least 2 feet larger on each side than your table. For example, if your table is 3’x5’, the smallest rug you should look for is one that is 7’x9’. 

Frame it

Unless you’re installing wall-to-wall carpet, the rug you place down should be small enough to expose some of your wood or tile flooring. Ideally there will be 18-24 inches of space around each edge of your rug if you’re centering it in the room

And yet, rules are made to be broken

The most important rule to finding the right size rug for your space is simply to go with what works. The aforementioned rules are guidelines. Using them – and your budget – as a starting point, select the rug that works best to convey the look and feel you’re going for.

by Anjie Cho