A Feng Shui Exercise That Will Help You Attract Abundance

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image credit: Inga Dudkina/Shutterstock via  Over the Moon

image credit: Inga Dudkina/Shutterstock via Over the Moon

One of the first feng shui adjustments my teacher gave me was to perform one good deed a day for 27 days. If I missed a day, I would have to start all over again! I know this doesn’t sound like a feng shui adjustment, but feng shui is much more than just moving furniture around. Feng shui is a philosophy and practice to shift your qi, or life force energy.

Environmental changes are one way to change your energy, such as with space clearings and object placement. Feng shui also can work on an invisible level through meditations, visualization and adjustments, like “One Good Deed a Day.” This cure is useful to everyone, but lately I’ve been prescribing it for clients that have asked me about how to improve and attract wealth and abundance.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty simple task. One good deed a day seems very easy. Many, including myself, say, “Oh, but I already do good deeds as much as possible.” This is great! But as I learned by performing this practice, there is a lot of depth to this seemingly simple cure.

For the first few days, I started doing my one good deed a day, but then found myself pondering what a good deed really was. If I was going to do it out of habit, did it count? Did I need to donate money? Were my intentions behind the good deed pure? Was I approaching each good deed as a selfless bodhisattva?

My good deed turned out to be opening doors for strangers. Even now, I do this as much as I can. No matter how much of a hurry I’m in, it only takes a few seconds to hold the door. It is a kind gesture people appreciate. And you know what?

My “One Good Deed a Day” helped open doors for me, too! 

by Anjie Cho