5 Easy Ways to Maximize the Space in Kids’ Rooms

featured on DailyParent, by Andrea Williams

Whether you have one kid or 12, there never seems to be enough space in your home, right? From random flip flops and baseball cleats, to missing board games pieces and runaway Legos, we can never seem to escape the constant flow of stuff. And this is especially true in children’s bedrooms, where square footage is at a premium and there is often more than one kid sharing the space. Taming kid clutter and maximizing children’s rooms are no easy tasks, but, here, we’ve gathered the best tips from design experts to help you regain control of your home.

Create a floor plan with distinct spaces/zones.

“Zones are important because they help to define a space, which is especially helpful if a space has to pull ‘double duty,’” says Hobbs. “This technique works well in small places because it helps to define a room and ensure there is a home for various activities.”

Additionally, says feng shui and green design expert Anjie Cho, intentionally dividing a floor plan can make it easier for siblings to share a small room. “A recent client had two siblings—a boy and a girl—sharing a room,” Cho explains. “They had bunkbeds, but it really was not going to work anymore as both children were starting to get older. [To divide the room], we put in sliding doors that acted as a wall but could be opened and still let in light and air/ventilation.”

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by Anjie Cho