Welcome More Sunlight into Your Home

Have you noticed the days getting shorter? Just as the school buses start their daily routes and the pumpkin spice take-over gets underway, the sun tucks in under the horizon a little bit earlier each day. If you’re lamenting the loss of summer’s languid sunlight, read on. I’ve got 6 tips to help you bring more sunshine into your home


Mirrors are a quick and affordable way to double the sunlight in your room. Select a beautiful, large mirror and place it on the wall opposite the window. Don’t overlook other reflective surfaces as well. Incorporate metallic decorative elements like candlesticks, picture frames, and even doorknobs to increase the level of reflected light. 


Open up your rooms with a lighter paint color on the walls. Dark paint will absorb light, while lighter hues reflect it. Likewise, selecting a satin finish as opposed to flat will increase the amount of reflected light. If you prefer a darker palette, consider going light on the walls and introducing your warm, more saturated tones in design elements like your furniture, or accents like pillows, throws and rugs

Window treatments

Those gorgeous drapes may be hindering your ability to let the sun shine in. Look for window treatments that offer privacy without blocking the light. Beautiful bamboo shades, translucent blinds and drapery sheers are beautiful, light-welcoming choices. 

Yard work

Don’t forget to look outside when you’re looking to let more light inside. Trim hedges and trees that may be blocking the sun’s path through your windows. This bit of yard work can make a big difference.

Alternate light inlets

Go beyond the traditional window. One option is to replace a solid exterior door for one with window panels; even a small window can make a big impact. Adding in skylights or “sun tunnels” will lighten things up in your room from the ceiling down. Also pay attention to your light fixtures. Avoid heavy lampshades that obstruct the light being given off. Consider installing a dimmer in some rooms so you can pump up or dial back the light depending on your need. 

Keep it clean

You may already know that cleaning your windows can boost the level of light they let in. Don’t forget to dust off your lamp shades and bulbs as well. While you’ve got the cleaning materials out, go ahead and finish tidying the room. An open, uncluttered space simply feels lighter.

by Anjie Cho