9 Things That Should Be In Your Bedroom (According To A Feng Shui Healer)

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One of the simplest ways to start to heal your life is to use feng shui in your bedroom. The bedroom is the area of your home that is closest to you. Think about how many hours you spend there! This room holds your personal qi. So, I wanted to share nine healing items that are in my bedroom and that should be in your bedroom. Why nine? The number nine is especially auspicious and symbolizes transition.

1. A full-or queen-size mattress

A queen or full-size mattress is important for a couple of reasons. First of all, king-size mattresses typically have split box springs or a split in the base somewhere. In feng shui, this creates a separation between your partner (or future partner), which is not very healing. It can also create a split along your body somewhere, which may cause health issues. The second reason, even if you don't have a split or have no box spring, is sleeping on a king mattress is like sleeping in two different rooms almost! There is less togetherness and connection between current or future partners.

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